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7 Mind-Blowing Tips to Make Your Apartment Feel Like Home on a Budget

October 15, 2019
Mind Blowing Apartment

This post is all about transforming your apartment using cheap apartment decorations.

A home should be your oasis where you curl up and unwind — an inviting space where people love to gather.

But it can be hard to feel home in an apartment. The walls are always painted beige, walls treated with plastic blinds, and floors covered in uninspiring carpet. Boring, right?

Well, worry, not. This post will show you cheap apartment decorations tips and tricks to make your apartment look expensive and homely.

Apartment decorations tips and tricks

1. Scents

Scent is very much tied to memory and is the most remembered sense. Therefore, ensure your home smells nice, not just right. Scented candles, air fresheners, incense, and flowers help with that.

Alternatively, duplicate your childhood home fragrance to your apartment. Was it freshly baked smell on grandmother’s house? Or the familiar yet inviting coffee scent? It instantly makes an apartment feel like home.

2. Sentimental items

Everyone has that sentimental piece. A cherished item that holds a special place in their heart.

It can be the crocheted items your grandma made. Or artwork hung in your childhood home; childhood photos. Or the décor item collected during your adventures.

Whatever it is, proudly display it. It adds a unique character not mirrored in other homes. It’s also an excellent way to reminisce and share treasured home essentials with your guests.

3. Hang personal pictures

Print out friends’, family, and own photos. After that, frame and hang them on the wall. This gives guests a glimpse of your life, as well as adding décor and a personal touch.

Since new frames are pricey, buy second-hand frames in charity shops.  Alternatively, purchase inexpensive well-framed paintings from thrift shops or flea markets. Then remove the painting and replace it with your photo. Voila! You have an expensive-looking frame.

4. Don’t underestimate lighting

Most, if not all apartments come with one bright overhead light for each room. They are boring and strain our eyes due to the glare.

To create an inviting ambiance, use warm-colored lamps, string lights, candles, and clip-on lights. Pay special attention to poorly lit areas.

5. Paint your walls

Apartment walls are famed for being drab and stark. Painting them adds character, personality, a pop of color, and livens up the mood.

Paint depending on the mood you’re aiming for. For a vibrant look, use bright colors. Use cool colours for a laid-back atmosphere. If you are cash-strapped, paint one accent wall and leave the rest. It will still bring about similar effects.

Unfortunately, some landlords restrict against painting. In that case, use removable wallpapers, wall decals, or decorator fabric. All can be easily peeled off when moving out.

6. Maximize storage

Sometimes, it isn’t about buying new décor. Rather, organizing and getting rid of unnecessary items. Neatly arrange your items in storage baskets, bins, shelves, and cabinets. You can find these tools at low costs in flea markets and dollar stores.

Decluttering also helps in keeping a room organized. I know most of us hold on to items we haven’t used in years. It’s human nature to get attached to personal items.

But unfortunately, doing so isn’t serving you. Donate, recycle, or sell the unnecessary items on Craiglist instead. Then use the extra money to buy home essentials.

7. Clean up

Unclean apartments can infuse putrid smell making living conditions unfavorable.

Set aside 20 minutes daily to sweep floors, clean dishes, organize, and straighten everything up. Then once a week, deep clean.

Both of this combined will prevent dirt build-up, stinking smell, and flies. Bear in mind that living in a dirty, unkempt room adds to the mental stress.


This post showed you how to make your apartment look expensive and homely on a budget. Don’t let the mindset of ‘this isn’t my house’ lead you to live in an unhomely space. After all, home is something you create.