7 Tips to Keep your Winter Wardrobe Organized

October 8, 2021
winter wardrobe

So, the winters are nearly here. While you may have decided to get a jump on the season by getting cold, stylish clothes for winter beforehand, there is an essential aspect that goes into ensuring that your clothes aren’t ruined before the winter arrives!

Yes, we’re talking about keeping your winter wardrobe organized. Arranging your winter wardrobe is not as complicated as it might seem. We will be mentioning some wise tips in this guide that will help you set your wardrobe for the chilly days!

So, without any wait, let’s get into it!

1. Out with the non-winter clothes, in with the winter ones.

We will be pointing out the most obvious thing here, but you’d be surprised to see the difference that it will make.

Now, you can even store your summer clothes in a different place entirely, or if your wardrobe has the space, you can just move them back or at the side of your closet.

Using these tricks will help you get the summer clothes out of sight and far away from your mind. When you don’t see your summer clothes, your mind will incline towards planning your outfits using all the winter clothes you have bought.

If you have limited space in your wardrobe, here is an expert tip. You can organize your clothing items in neatly labeled bins and place them under your bed or your attic, basement, even garage.

If that doesn’t work for you either, you can make use of Ikea storage boxes for storing your summer clothes underneath your bed. However, make sure to throw in some lavender bags inside to keep your summer clothes fresh and immune from dust and moths.

2. Arrange according to the type, color, and length to make the most out of your winter wardrobe!

Whether your organization strategy includes placing shirts with shirts, pants with pants, sweaters with sweaters, or any other idea, it is imperative to follow such codes!

Additionally, you can also consider organizing your closet using the color and length of clothes. Not only will it make it easier to locate your clothing, but it will also give your wardrobe a classy and beautiful winter look.

Using such strategies can also help you store the cold-weather accessories you can lose very quickly, such as gloves or hats.

3. Make use of shelves for keeping sweaters and shirts in view.

To make the best out of your winter wardrobe, you can fold sweaters and shirts and keep them on shelves. Fashionistas recommend using shelves for your winter clothes as compared to your summer clothes.

Winter clothes such as knitted jumpers or cardigans are prone to stretching if you store them over a hanger. You don’t want to ruin the look of your winter clothing. Thus, using the shelves and keeping knitted jumpers or cardigans on shelves is the perfect solution.

4. Accessories are a part of your wardrobe, and you need to organize them too!

Your winter accessories can help you make the best out of the luxury of the fur of your winter wardrobes. However, just like with your winter clothing, you must store them properly as well.

Luckily for you, you specifically don’t need a closet to keep your accessories organized! You can use various ideas, including using the convenient large canvas tote bag by your front door. But, if your accessories include delicate knit scarves, the ideal choice would be to fetch the hooks that go over your closet door.

Furthermore, you can also make use of clear bags or boxes. A clear bag/box will let you see the contents and help you choose the right one without having to open all of them in search of the right one.

So, in short, whatever storing style you choose, sticking to it is crucial. If you don’t, your gloves will end up losing their partners, which is neither fun for you or the gloves.

5. The hooks and racks are a great help!

Accessories such as ties, belts, or scarves can be a stylish staple in making your winter dressing look even classier! But, if you’re not storing them properly, they will pile up in your closet.

Such conditions mark it necessary for you to organize these staples on hooks. If you are wearing ties, then a tie rack with a specified hook or peg for each tie will be the perfect fit.

Similarly, you can also use the same tie rack for storing your hats or purses. If you’re wondering how to install your tie rack, you should only keep one thing in mind; your main focus here is to keep all the ties, hats, or scarves visible and handy to make accessorizing your winter dresses easy.

6. Be smart about storing your boots.

Just like your winter clothing, your winter shoes are going to be much heavier as compared to the clothes of other seasons!

Shoes are an essential aspect of your wardrobe, and on cold days, you are likely to walk into the house with dirty and wet shoes. Now, if you have been using a bag or rack to keep your summer shoes, We’re afraid that we have some bad news.

You are going to need a much efficient way of storing your snow-covered and cumbersome winter shoes. However, if your winter shoes are not dressy or indoor-only, you don’t need to put in a lot of effort to store them.

Just remember to avoid storing them in your closet full of your winter clothes!

7. Change the hangers and closet organizers constantly.

Since dressing for winters might include clothes suitable for the cold weather, most of your spring, fall, and summer wear may have no common ground between them.

Just as winter clothing is different from other clothing, you may also need an additional store style. For example, you can throw in more hangers to hang your heavyweight clothing, such as pants and skirts.

You can even cut down on hangers if you plan on wearing sweaters inside of the button-down shirts. Consider using wooden hangers for heaving clothing which may include blazers, custom bomber jackets, or cardigans.

But to keep the sweaters in their place, you can use shelf dividers or receptacles if you plan on wearing mittens or leg-warmers or any other winter accessories which will complete your wardrobe.

Last but not least, if winter makes you wear scarves, you will need a proper place to hand them as well.

Final Words

Winter can be the most joyous season of the most troublesome season for you. It depends on the wardrobe you have set, and the winter wears you have chosen.

But regardless of how high-quality and high-priced, your wears are, you need to store them correctly. Not keeping them correctly will depress the quality of the clothes and may also make them look worse!

We don’t want that, right? So, to remedy the situation, this article is your best bet. We have taken the best tips from the top fashionistas and included them in this article so that you can rock the winter looks!

Not only that but following these tips will also make your wardrobe look aesthetic and cleaning. After all, unorganized wardrobes can be a headache.

Nevertheless, if you think that we have missed something, let us know in the comments section!