8 Practical Tips Working Moms can Do to Create a Beautiful and Functional Home Office

March 31, 2021
working moms beautiful and functional home office

If you are a work-at-home mother, it is imperative to have a functional and stylish home office. Preferably a space that strikes a balance between the rigors of work and family life.

That said, here are seven tips on how you can have a home office that allows you to be an organized, efficient, and productive WAHM.

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Choose a Dedicated Space

Ideally, your home office should be set in an area that gives you some privacy. This is imperative, especially if you have kids.

For instance, you might opt for a spare room in your home that reduces noise, especially if you’ll frequently be on the phone.

Similarly, you can set up a dedicated studio separate from the rest of your house. This gives you enough space to spread out your work-related stuff and other tech equipment.

To spruce it up, you should also try to keep it less “office-like” by incorporating your style.

Incorporate Color

Colors and patterns allow you to stay creative and more productive at work. So, don’t be afraid to use bold colors.

Keeping it balanced keeps the more vibrant colors in your periphery while sticking to more subdued color hues in your desk.

This allows you to focus better while you’re on a roll while letting your mind wander each time you want to take a break.

Organize Paperwork

If you’re the type of person that files papers, you should have a place where you can stack your documents. It can be a file organizer or an empty box. This will serve as your catch-all.

And then, before you finish your work, spend an hour sorting these paper into the following categories:

  • These are papers that you need to respond to and then discard. Examples are an invitation, bills, and parking tickets.
  • These are papers you should keep but don’t often reference, like land titles and life insurance policies.
  • These are papers you want to keep for future use, like recipes from a magazine.

At Maid Sailors NYC Office Cleaning, we always advise work-at-home moms that a cluttered home office can make them inefficient. Hence, any document that doesn’t have the said categories must be shredded and put in the compost or recycling bin.

Choose Ergonomic Office Furniture

You’ll be working long hours in your home office, so make sure that you choose the right furniture to avoid injuries. Ideally, pick a comfortable chair with the right height and proper back and arm support.

If you’re the type of person who likes their feet up, you can place a footstool, of at least 10 inches, right under your desk.

You might also want to install a sliding holder for your keyboard to ensure that it’s the right height and easy to use.

Similarly, your mouse should also be placed somewhere accessible, and there should be proper cushioning for the wrists.

Invest in Good Lighting

An adequately lit space can impact one’s overall health, mood, and productivity.

For instance, if you’re exposed to bad lighting, this can strain your eyes in the long run. The same thing is true if you keep looking at a bright screen where the room is generally too dark.

General illumination of your background can also significantly help. But instead of going for harsh lighting, you can choose a warm, decorative lamp instead.

Get Some Natural Greenery

Don’t hesitate to bring in some natural greenery in your home office. Not only can an indoor plant purify the air in your home office, but it can also boost mood and enhance productivity.

Keep Your Space Tidy

Working in a cluttered workstation is one of the easiest ways to kill your productivity.

So, before you start your day working, take the time to organize your desk.

So consider investing in filing cabinets, baskets, or desk organizers. And if you are pressed for time to clean your home office, because you would rather spend it with your kids, you can hire a professional office cleaner.

As a work-at-home mom, you must have space wherein you can work in peace. That way, you can stay productive and clock off earlier. Doing so allows you to spend dinner time with your family, and you can also tuck your kids to bed.