Adopting A Child? What Adoptive Parents Should Prepare For

November 3, 2022

Choosing to adopt a child is a life-changing decision. Much like deciding to have a baby, a family must take numerous actions to prepare for the child’s arrival.

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Some steps involve purchasing items for the little one. However, the most critical actions include making monetary preparations, discussing parenting strategies, and ensuring you can meet the child’s mental and physical needs. Here are a few ways to prepare to bring your adopted child home.

Remember Why You Chose Adoption

Adoption is about improving the child’s life, not the other way around. Adoptive parents must be aware of any expectations they have for the child — and let those expectations go. Some adoptive parents expect the child to be grateful and loving immediately upon arrival. It is critical not to anticipate the child to behave in any particular way. Be open and allow the child to be himself or herself.

Consider Health Care Options

Your adopted child’s health is surely one of the most substantial concerns. Prepare for your new family member by adding the child to your health insurance policy and choosing a pediatrician or primary care doctor.

You may also want to make other important health care decisions, such as banking the child’s stem cells from baby or wisdom teeth. Talking about the little one’s present and future health can be lifesaving.

Make Room in Your Home

Welcome your adopted child into your home by preparing a special space for him or her. Whether the child is a baby, toddler or adolescent, the goal should be to make her or him feel comfortable and loved.

Set up a comfortable bed (or crib) before your child’s arrival. Stock the closet with clothing, shop for toiletries, and provide plenty of books, games and entertainment options. Don’t forget to baby-proof the home when bringing adopting an infant or toddler.

Learn more about how to prepare for your adopted child’s arrival with the accompanying resource.