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All You Need to Know About Kitchen Architecture

January 20, 2022
Kitchen Architecture

An ideal kitchen is one that is perfectly designed, built using the right materials and perhaps most importantly, appears elegant. Every architect should have an understanding of what the kitchen is going to be used for before they start the design process. A kitchen should not be just a space that is left as an afterthought at the end of the project. A great kitchen contains numerous work areas that should be integrated into the whole project.

Kitchen architecture is much more than the specific design or style needed by a client. It also involves coming up with ideas that will make the kitchen great but at the same time reduce the construction costs. This means predetermining the measurements of various kitchen components before going to the space that will hold these items.

Kitchen architecture is not as simple as many people think. A great design is a balance of functionality and elegance. A kitchen should not just look great but also provide a great cooking environment as well. Here are the top factors to consider when doing kitchen architecture.

The layout

This is the very first (and most important?) step of designing a kitchen before you can get into any other details. It involves considering where the kitchen will be perfectly situated as well as where specifically the main kitchen parts such as the sink, fridge, tables, chairs and the countertop will be placed.

In kitchen architecture, it is important to ensure that the layout is designed to ensure every kitchen component is placed in the right place. This ensures that the functionality of the kitchen is not affected as everything is where it is supposed to be. You can hire a kitchen architecture professional to help you design the perfect layout for your kitchen.


While any kind of flooring can be used in other parts of the house as long as it complements the aesthetics of the house, the flooring of the kitchen on the other hand should be taken seriously. This is because choosing incorrect flooring materials can be a safety hazard for the users of the kitchen.

It is recommended that you should choose flooring materials that are lighter and safer to prevent accidents like slips. Materials that are light and bright will enable you easily spot any spills that can be potentially hazardous.


It is not a perfect kitchen if storage has not been figured out yet. Kitchen storage is very important as a kitchen need somewhere to store food  (which must be safely and correctly stored) as well as various kitchenware items. As such, kitchen architecture must focus on creating adequate space for storing all of it.

A refrigerator space should be created for storing food items, and extra cabinets and drawers should be added to store the kitchenware. Storage space should be sufficient to prevent clutter in the kitchen which is also a safety hazard.

The bottom line

There are several factors that must be looked into when it comes to kitchen architecture. The most important thing is that the kitchen looks elegant, maintains its functionality and gives you the right ambience when doing the cooking. Consider the above factors when designing your kitchen as they immensely contribute to making a great kitchen.