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Easter Egg Filler Ideas for Girls & Tweens

July 12, 2013
Easter Egg Filler Ideas

Easter is coming up in a few weeks (gasp!) and I’ve been on the prowl for fun Easter egg stuffers. We have this fun tradition of putting little things in Easter eggs that are NOT candy. Well, maybe one or two eggs have a Cadbury egg in them, but I like to think outside the…er…egg, and put fun stuff in, especially now that my daughter is a tween.

It can be a challenge to find fun things to put in the eggs, so I thought I’d share some of my successes over the last few years:

  • Barbie doll clothes
  • Small LEGO sets spread across several eggs (and a tip for this – if you do multiple sets, you might want to color code the eggs. I do striped eggs for one set, and speckled for another, so she will know what goes with what)
  • Earrings – I stock up during Claire’s 10 for $10 sale and get the multi-packs of earrings so I can split it up and get even more eggs stuffed
  • Mini nail polish bottles
  • Scratch-off lottery tickets
  • Cold, hard cash. Or even change. She especially thinks it’s cool to get foreign money that we have leftover from our international travels. Finally, a solution for using all that darned change you couldn’t convert.
  • Toobs – with items taken out of the Toob, of course.

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