Everything You Need to Know About Leiamoon

May 29, 2020

Whether you’re a vaginal steaming “pro” or just trying it for the first time, Leiamoon is a great way to switch up your routine or dive right into the world of herbal treatments for your most intimate areas. Leiamoon offers a personal vaginal steaming system that allows you to pamper your most sensitive tissues in the comfort of your own home. They have combined the benefits of this ancient ritual and the latest technology to create a device that has made vaginal steaming easier and more accessible than ever before.

Using natural plant extracts and infusions to treat various ailments has been a common practice for over 60,000 years! Researchers have documented over sixty different plants that have been used previously for numerous forms of relief. By taking thousands of years of knowledge around the use of herbal remedies and treatments, Leiamoon has created a premium herbal blend that is not only simple, but also effective and soothing when used for vaginal steaming. Staying true to tradition, the all-purpose blend this company offers includes organic mugwort, calendula, yarrow, and rose. Each Leiamoon steam seat comes pre-packaged with this herbal blend, good for up to six steams. You can also purchase additional herbs separately to make sure you always have your essential infusions on hand.

Leiamoon recognizes that for those who steam at home, creating the right temperature of steam for the treatment can seem near impossible. Often times it is too hot or too cold, or doesn’t stay at the correct temperature for the  duration of the treatment. Leiamoon’s patent-pending SteamSafe technology solves this problem for their customers. The device is entirely programmable and allows you to accurately manage the temperature of the steam that is emitted, while keeping it consistent so you may enjoy the full duration of your vaginal steaming session. The design of the Leiamoon steam seat  also goes above and beyond in terms of quality and comfort.

Temperature adjustment buttons are located in an easy to reach place, allowing you to control the temperature during a treatment without having to readjust your position or interrupt your session. The saddle style seat is designed to comfortably cradle pelvises of any shape or size, making this a true one-size-fits-all product for women. The seat cushion is also carefully crafted from soft, supportive, and non-toxic materials that are skin safe and nonporous so it will not harbor bacteria and is super easy to clean.

Leiamoon always recommends speaking with a doctor if you have any medical concerns, and to never use essential oils as a substitute for fresh or dried herbs while steaming.