Gift Guide for a Second-Time Mom

July 26, 2022
Gift Guide for a Second Time Mom

Motherhood is definitely more challenging when you’re preparing to take care of two children. There are a lot of changes that families have to go through when welcoming a new child into the family. Apryl Duncan shared that having a second baby means that parents need to adjust their lifestyle and finances since they have to care for an additional child. Moreover, they have to juggle their time to ensure that both children are equally cared for since having a new child may make the older sibling feel jealous or betrayed when they’re not given enough attention.

If you have someone special in your life who’s expecting another child, here are some of the gift ideas to help them ease the transition into being a mom of two:

Coordinated Sibling Outfits

If you can find a store that sells clothes from infants to toddlers, you can prepare matching sibling outfits as gifts. Aside from seeing the children wearing adorable matching outfits, coordinating outfits can be a fun activity that involves everyone in the family. It will also make the older child feel included and appreciated, even with a new baby. As our ‘Getting Ready for a Fall Baby’ article discussed, you need to consider the weather when buying clothes as gifts. Getting warm clothes, such as coats, boots, hats, and gloves, is important for the fall or winter seasons to keep the kids warm. However, if it’s a summer baby you’re shopping for, then breezy and light clothes would be more appropriate.

Double Pushchair

One of the struggles of being a mom of two is ensuring both children are safe and comfortable whenever they need to go out. If money is no option, such as buying for a family member, then a modern double pushchair is the ideal gift. iCandy’s double pushchairs demonstrate how tandem buggies are better for moms with two young children due to them being easier to maneuver through doorways and getting them on public transport. Instead of choosing one that puts kids side by side, the tandem double pushchair allows one child to sit behind the other – making the double pushchair the same width as a single model. These types of pushchairs can also either be forward or parent facing, allowing mothers to adapt to the preferences of their children.

Parenting Books on Sibling Relations

Properly raising two young children and ensuring they have a healthy relationship growing up is one of the worries of most moms. Therefore, giving books about how moms can handle sibling relationships is another great gift idea for second-time moms. These books can help moms gather information and tips on how to navigate the life of handling more than one child. The Second Baby Book by author Sarah Ockwell-Smith covers questions about second pregnancy and birth, concerns about siblings, and how to cope with the practicalities of life with two young children. Moms will definitely appreciate the thought of receiving valuable and insightful gifts.

Gifts for the Older Sibling

Since most of the attention is going towards the new baby, the older sibling may feel a bit neglected. You can give gifts to the older sibling to make them feel that they’re not ignored. Although showering children with gifts shouldn’t always be the solution, some presents can be enriching as they are entertaining. For instance, Hasbro’s newest “Learn with Peppa” program aims to support the development and learning of children during their early years. They plan to release engaging and educational phonics, board, and activity books with various learning levels. This will nurture and develop the skills of children while also keeping them entertained. When deciding which toys to buy, it’s important to choose those, like Hasbro’s interactive program, that enhance their thinking, language, and social-emotional skills. These toys can then be passed down once the younger sibling is older.

Becoming a mother of two is a huge step-up from one child, and if you know someone who is going to have a second child then the above gifts are perfect.