How Can Indoor Play Benefit Your Kids

August 13, 2021
Indoor Play Benefit Your Kids

Due to our fast-paced way of life and the lack of open space for playing, nowadays we rarely see children jumping, running or playing hide and seek outside. Most kids spend their free time watching television or playing video games.

But playtime is highly beneficial during the early childhood period because it enables kids to relax, have fun and at the same time learn many important skills. Playing indoor games in indoor playgrounds is a great way for your children to have fun, be active, and play in a comfortable, safe environment.

Most modern playgrounds are well-designed. They contain tunnels, slides, bridges, trampolines, ball pools, adventure zones and other equipment that will keep your children’s attention for several hours, explain professionals at Uptown Jungle in North Phoenix.

So, how can indoor play benefit your kids?

Playing Indoors Is Safe and Comfortable

An indoor playground is a secure place for kids to play and engage in exploration. Of course, if your kid is jumping from the top of the couch, that might not be the safest thing, but overall, there is a much lower risk for dangerous situations than it would be while being outdoors. The equipment has been inspected and designed to prevent serious injury.

Better Physical Fitness

Researchers believe that children who are involved in physical activities indoors develop more muscles that contract faster, which improves their reflexes. Because these activities involve physical activity and movement coordination, playing indoors regularly helps toddlers improve their physical fitness. Fit kids are less likely to get diseases, such as liver disease, childhood diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and more.

Encourage Their Creativity And Imagination

As Einstein once said a long time ago: ‘‘Imagination is more important than knowledge.’’

This is where the creativity and genius of every child begins. Creative or imaginative play is a way for children to learn about the world around them.

Great learning opportunities may arise during games with trucks, dolls, cardboard, dice, as well as in arts and crafts, as it allows them to explore within themselves. They get to make plans, act, cooperate, communicate and try out different roles.

Furthermore, imagination promotes emotional and social development by allowing children to think about different solutions, thus increasing their self-confidence which helps when communicating with others. They also learn to be more expressive and curious. Creativity and imagination are valuable skills children will need throughout their lives.

Most modern indoor playgrounds have cafes, so parents can relax, sip coffee while their little ones are in a healthy, protected and safe environment. But where’s the fun in that? It’s much better when parents can join in on the fun!

Promotes Pretend Play

Where can you find princesses, veterinarians, police officers, karate instructors, office workers, cooks who all work happily together? Of course, at costume parties and in classroom playrooms. By hanging out with friends in a fairytale country or creating your own restaurant, toddlers learn to cooperate and develop creative thinking and imagination.

Young children learn by imagining things and by doing them. Role playing enables them to learn how to solve problems, broaden their vocabulary, and actively experiment with the social and emotional roles of life.

So the next time you see them playing these games don’t overburden them with homework, piano practice or room cleaning. Give them time to pretend they are astronauts or build a rocket ship from blankets and chairs. It is time well-spent.

The experiences that toddlers gain through these activities can help them build strong social relationships in the long run. Just know, you are not doing anything wrong by encouraging your children to play indoors. These are safe play environments that allow them to learn, develop skills and still have fun.