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Is it Worth it to Build a New Home?

January 28, 2022
Build a New Home

How many times has this question crossed your mind? Maybe it’s a rebuttal to all the bad things that happen in your home, or maybe it simply popped up out of the blue because you saw a house for sale and couldn’t resist. Building a new home might be worth it for you if any of these reasons ring true:

1. You’re Looking for More Than Just Another Housing Option

Thinking about building a new home may indicate that you’re not just looking to pick up and move. It may be a reflection of your desire to fulfill certain needs and wants that you cannot find in an existing home. If this is the case, consider that the value of an established home might be much less than that of a custom-built house. Wanting to have more control over your property and its deeds should trigger thoughts about the value of building a new home.

2. You’re Looking for Something That Will Last

Building a new home is an investment after all, and an investment is something you want to give yourself a great chance at succeeding. If you’re not comfortable with the idea of putting any money down on a purchase, consider building a new home instead. More so than buying a used home, this will allow you to control your investment and avoid any problems that come with purchasing someone else’s property.

3. You Want to Start from Scratch

If you’re completely rethinking your living situation, building a new home will allow you to make the best choice for your needs. If you love your home, but the property is too small for your family’s needs, consider building a new one on land that already belongs to you. If the location of your home is no longer convenient, build a new one in a location that’s more favorable. The possibilities are endless.

4. You Want to Forgo Stressful Repairs

Finally, if you’re tired of constantly making repairs to your current home and don’t have the funds to make extensive renovations, building a new home might be worth it for you. A custom-built house can be made with close attention to detail and durability. There is no need to worry about water damage, ceiling leaks, or foundation issues. You will start from scratch and have the home that you want.

5. You Want to Change Your Neighborhood

Maybe you’re looking to move because you feel that the location of your home does not offer you enough privacy. If this is the case, building a new home for your family might be worth it for you. There are endless benefits to living in a neighborhood that offers more than just great schools, restaurants, and parks. This will allow you to put down roots and become part of an already growing community. You can build a home on a larger property and get more houses for your money. You may even meet new neighbors before you’re able to move in as they can be part of the building process.

6. You’re Looking for a Home You Can Make Your Own

Everyone has their taste when it comes to home decor. If you are looking for a house that will allow you to put your spin on it, building a new home might be worth it for you. Whether this means adding more windows or opening up the basement, building a custom home will allow you to choose your favorite finish and features. Room by room, you will be able to turn your new home into a house that you love.

7. Its Cheap

Building a new home might be worth it for you if you want to get out of the stressed financial situation that comes from buying an existing home. Although there are no hard numbers, it is estimated that building your own house can save you anywhere from 25-40% in costs for financing, mortgage insurance, and closing fees. This will also allow you to cut out the hefty commission fees that real estate agents charge when purchasing a house. Custom home builders in NC can often beat these fees and still provide you with a better deal than buying off the back of an earnest money check.


There are many reasons why building a new home might be worth it for you. You will get to make a home tailored to your needs and preferences without the stress of making repairs and waiting on repairs to be completed. Custom homes have their appeal too! Plus, you can save money by cutting out intermediaries.