Learn to Specifically Use the Law of Attraction

September 14, 2017
Law of Attraction

Are you one of these people who gets a great parking space every time you want one, or who gets a phone call from a person you’ve been thinking about? Are you someone who’s good at getting the trains or busses to come just when you need one, or getting people to help you when you need help?

Most of us are good at creating magic, albeit sporadically, in one of more areas of out life. The perfect dress at the perfect price, just the right card or book when you need one, the perfect table at your favorite coffee shop, how does that happen? Do you ever wonder why it’s so easy for you to sometimes pull things out of thin air, but at other times it’s nearly impossible to get what you want?

Why is it so hard to attract money, or the right relationship? Why is it hard to change your life, yourself, your weight, your circumstances? If Law of Attraction is real, shouldn’t getting these things be as easy as getting a parking space?

I used to wonder the same thing. I wondered why I can get a great parking space or find almost the exact item I was looking for in a store, but was struggling with money. After all, I was learning the Law of Attraction and if I wanted it badly enough, doesn’t it mean I was going to get it?

Looking back, here’s what I know now. The Law of Attraction works and you can have almost anything you want, but you need to learn exactly how to use it, so that rather than sporadically getting some of the things you want, you can start being a deliberate creator.

Do you want to learn how to create what you want deliberately? I highly recommend you get this audio course from one of the teachers in the movie “the Secret”. I just finished this course and am blown away by the clarity and specific instructions on how to become a deliberate creator. I know a lot about Law of Attraction and this teacher is right on the mark about how Law of Attraction works and is brilliant at giving step by step instructions on how to specifically apply it to your life.

Changing your life, getting what you want, having success, it’s all possible, but you need to know exactly how to do it. Get this audio course and then come back and let me know how learning how to be a deliberate creator has changed your life.

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