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Let The World Know Your Kid Is Graduating!

April 7, 2020

Every parent knows the struggle that it is to be a parent. You have your super highs as well as your lows. However, one of the highest highs you will find is when you get to celebrate your child graduating from high school. It will be a mix of joy that you won’t have to worry about any more last-minute science projects, that they will be out of your house, and a combination of panic as your child will be out of your home.

Any way you slice it, having your son or daughter graduate is a significant accomplishment. Most likely, there was an army of people that helped them along the way. You need to let them know so they can revel and help celebrate the moment as well. One of the best ways to do that is to send all the people that have played a part in your child’s life a graduation announcement.

Five Tips For Sending Out Graduation Invitations and Announcements.

#1. Create A Good Contact List

Start by creating a list of individuals that you want to let know about your son or daughter’s big accomplishment. This can take some time as you will need to track down addresses etc.

#2. Find The Right Photo

If you had a photoshoot done specifically for this occasion, it might be really easy to find the perfect photo for the announcement. However, in the wake of coronavirus, that may not have been possible, so find an old photo you like or choose to go with no picture graduation announcements for a more classic look.

#3. Make It Custom

Most online stationery companies allow you to customize your design instantly online so you can see a real-time preview of exactly what your card is going to look like. So start with two sided graduation invitations and make sure you add your text, colors, and wording to match your style.

#4. Give Future Plans

Your friends and family will be dying to know what the next steps your child is going to take. If they are headed off to college, let them know which one or if they are graduating college and have a job lined up, you should include that on the announcement.

#5. Tell Everyone Thanks

This is not part of the card itself, but don’t forget to buy matching thank you cards so you can let each person know how much they helped your son or daughter, and your child can tell that person thanks for the support and the gifts.

If you follow the steps above, you are sure to have a killer graduation announcement as well as you will get the chance to celebrate such a big accomplishment with all your loved ones.