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The Benefits Of A Natural Cot Mattress

July 14, 2021
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Some parents may not know that the mattress their baby sleeps on is just as important for their development and health as what they eat and how they are nurtured. Natural mattresses offer many benefits for people of any age because the mattresses are made from natural materials only — no plastic or chemicals. This means your baby can sleep soundly without worrying about harmful off-gassing. Natural cot mattresses do not contain any flame retardants or other toxic chemicals that will harm your child’s developing body, including allergies. In this article we’ll take a deep dive into some of the benefits and frequently asked questions around a natural cot mattress. Buying anything for your baby (especially if you are a new parent) can be a minefield so we want to arm you with all of the facts.

What is a natural cot mattress?

The clue is in the name. A natural mattress will only ever be made from natural, organic materials such as wool, cotton and coir (a fabric made from coconut).  Natural mattresses are free from harmful chemicals and man-made materials, which can cause skin irritation or allergies in children. Natural cot mattresses do not contain any flame retardants or other toxic chemicals that could trigger allergies like eczema or asthma.

So how can plastic trigger allergies?

Plastics, of any type, are made from petrochemicals. That’s right, the same raw ingredients that fuel our cars also make our bottles, TVs and most of the products we use in our everyday lives.  These materials are the culprits behind skin allergies and a host of other problems, such as endocrine disruption. Natural cot mattresses do not contain any plastics or chemicals so your baby can enjoy better sleep without worrying about what it’s doing to their health in the long run.

How are natural mattresses better for the environment?

It has been well documented by natural scientists in recent years that our seas groan with plastic and our landfills overflow with the stuff.  Natural cot mattresses avoid adding to the world’s plastic pollution problem by avoiding plastics in their production. Natural materials are more biodegradable than man-made ones, so they will break down and return to nature without harming the environment or wildlife.

Is a natural mattress right for your baby?

We’ve talked about the benefits of a natural mattress in terms of their health, but will your baby be comfortable? A baby’s mattress should always be firm. Why? A baby does not have the strength in their arm to push away from soft things like cushions, blankets etc. and could become smothered. A Good natural cot mattress will be firm. As your baby grows into a toddler they will require a softer mattress for their comfort. Again, a good cot mattress should be double-sided to accommodate both a baby’s and a toddlers needs.

Can you clean a natural cot mattress?

Accidents happen, especially if you are a baby so you need to make sure that natural mattress can be cleaned and remain hygienic. There are now a lot of chemical-free cleaning products on the market but if you want a DIY solution baking powder is a good go-to solution. Simply expose the mattress with a sprinkle of baking powder (bicarbonate of soda) and add your favourite essential oil. Rest it for 30 minutes and the baking powder will draw up any odours and nasties from the latex, cotton and wool. Then simply vacuum clean the remaining baking powder for simple, non-toxic cleaning.

Is a natural cot mattress safe?

A natural mattress is not just good for your baby, it’s also safe. Natural materials are naturally fire-resistant so they will withstand flames without any risk of chemical combustion or toxic fumes. The natural latex used in the production of an organic mattress will often have graphite added to it which is a natural fire retardant.

What else do I need to know?

Parents always want to give their babies the best possible in life. Minimising exposure to harmful substances present on our planet is usually one of the first concerns as they have more sensitive skin than adults. Also, infants tend to sleep a lot especially during those early months when you’re just trying so hard not to go into panic mode and check every five minutes that everything’s okay with them because it feels like your heart will stop if anything happens. This means that they are exposed for much longer periods of time than adult humans would be which makes bedding made from non-organic materials risky as dryness, rashes or other skin related issues can occur due at these extended exposures.

Night sweats are common in children of all ages, particularly babies and toddlers. In order to get a restful night’s sleep, our core body temperature must drop by one to two degrees. It’s natural for kids who love the warmth during winter months but hate it when summertime comes around. Organic mattresses like latex or wool often wick away moisture from your baby that can lead them having restless nights because they don’t cool down enough on these types of materials – which is why organic cotton ones might be better. Cotton has an inherent ability to regulate their body heat so you need not worry about sweating throughout the night anymore with those cuddly little bundles of joy at home.

Organic and conventional cot mattresses are not the same. A traditional mattress may consist of synthetic fibers, or even wool that has been soaked in chemicals which can be rough on your baby’s skin; whereas an organic mattress will have natural fibres to keep them comfortable.

Snoozel Green are an organic and ethical mattress company who have recently launched their natural cotton cot mattress.