Top 9 Dolce That You Would Love Straight From Italy

July 29, 2020
Burrata house

Italian cuisine is not only famous for its regular recipes but also the dolce of the different regions are very famous. These are eaten at different times of the day from breakfast to after dinner.

Can You Buy From Italian Food Store Near Me?

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Sweet Dishes From Northern Italy

The season in the north of Italy is dry and cold in the winter and the summers are also cooler as compared to other regions. So people there enjoy their sweet dishes very well.

Panna Cotta

You can call it Italian pudding that is served individually. The basic ingredients and cooking method of Panna Cotta are the same but the difference comes in the sauce that is poured on it.

Cheesecake With Baked Ricotta

This dish uses a very special kind of cheese in the recipe which is Ricotta. It is a very simple dessert that is made from lemon zest, sugar, eggs and ricotta. Topped with pine nuts, raisins and citrus peel that is candied.

Two Variations Of Mascarpone

In the first variation of Mascarpone it is served in the form of a layered cake. The other variation is to be served in a cup or a glass. This is best for warmer weather.

Dolce In Central Regions Of Italy

The central regions of Italy have very moderate weather so the dishes that you can order from stores like Burrata House are also very suitable; as they can be eaten in summer as well as winter.

Tart Variations Of Tuscany

Tarts are the most popular desserts in the Tuscany region. You will find a great variety of them which include Torta Pistocchi; made from chocolate, cream and cocoa powder and Torta Mantovana.

Italian Chestnut Cake

This is one of the unique Italian cake recipes that use no flour at all. Also no sugar is used just chestnuts flour, raisins, rosemary and olive oil is used. On other occasions other kinds of dry fruits are added.

Cornetto Of Rome

This is the Italian version of the French croissant. If you compare the two; Cornetto has less butter and the size is much bigger. People love to have it for breakfast especially with coffee.

Sweet Treats From Southern Italy

As according to Italians all of the sweets whether they are cookies or candies that you want to buy from a famous Italian food store; falls in the same category. So whatever sweets are there is south of Italy are the same as the others.

Ice Cream Sandwich

This dessert comes from Sicily which is a simple bun that is filled with ice cream or as Italians like to call it gelato. It is very famous during the hot summers.

Bocconotto Pastry

These are simple pastry shells that are filled with a variety of ingredients that are local to the area they are made in.

Papassinso Traditional Biscuit

Another dessert that you will find on Italian Food Store Near Me category is the traditional biscuits of Sardinia which is specially made on All Saints Day.