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Top Best Qualities of Sod Grass

May 26, 2021
Sod Grass

At first, sod appears the same, grows the same, and unrolls the same as grass. However, the main hurdle here is to comprehend the contrasts between pieces of the sod over the others. A proper investigation is needed when you are investing in a high-quality sod. There are some features you should always look for. Choose the sod only if they apply.

It is a proven fact that wisdom comes with experience and if you do not have the knowledge regarding things surrounding you, how will you acquire the best experience? The problem arises, how you will determine that a certain sod is of good quality or not?

Here are a few of the characteristics you should look out for in quality sod.

The Soil Consistency

How much soil a sod has to offer is the first key point to be taken into account. For compatibility, the sod you to be bought should have no extra than an inch of soil in it. If you have extra amount of it, then the grass will not grow properly and it will not be able to reach the topsoil of the yard. However, having limited soil pertains to a shortage of support for the grass until it grows completely. The roots can develop into the soil, immediately under or underneath the sod. Consistency is highly necessary for the survival of the sod you are procuring, or growing, particularly if you intend to lay it down in summer. At first, if the sod seems as though it is hanging apart, the consistency will not be accurate.

While laying down the sod, the soil is the fulcrum of the complete process because it is the only entity that retains the grass alive. The soil is critical because it will nurture the sod and provide it the essential nutrients until it gets to the latest one and adapts to it properly. Your sod will have less chance of growing if the soil breaks apart. Just keep in mind that disintegrating soil or damaged soil is of no use because all the nutrients in the soil will break away. To enable sod to use the nutrients at a faster rate, hard-pressed soil is also of no good because the sod needs to work harder to reach the nutrients.

Proper Fertilization

When you plan to buy sod and visit a farm, make sure it has gone through a suitable fertilization process. Good fertilization is key as it can add features to sod like drought-resistant and fewer speculations of becoming diseased. Furthermore, regular use of fertilizer will lead to a nice green tone, boost and help the sod to overcome any form of stress, including the burden of revamping it somewhere or uprooting it. Well-fertilized sod will maintain your lawn beautifully.

While purchasing, don’t overlook the query about the last fertilization period of the sod. You wouldn’t want to purchase the one that has extra or below par fertilization. Both situations can lead to problems like crabgrass, wilting, or brown patch. When the sod is planted, you can then make a regular schedule to fertilize them and in that way keeping them strong and healthy.

The Maturity of the Sod

The quality of the sod can be determined, by seeing whether it is developed enough or it is still in its growing period. At an early stage, it should seem messy and disorganized comparable to the web of a spider. When sods are well-knit together, they will be capable of surviving rough handling. It will be more comfortable tying it together, rolled up, delivered, laid down, and transported.

The thickness of the roots has to be noticeable so that it can authenticate itself once laid. If the color of grass is not identical throughout, it implies the grass isn’t ready enough, maybe infected or unhealthy.

The Time of Harvest

You would have approximately eight hours from the time the sod cuts at the sod farm and is replanted fully at your home. The sod will be weakened and will start to lose moisture if the period crosses eight hours. Moisture is integral for the roots or else they will wither and die.

Now that you have a picture in mind regarding the features to look for in good sod, you will be capable of nailing the next step of decorating your home nicely.