Winter Fashion Guide For New Moms

October 27, 2021
Winter Fashion Guide For New Moms

Giving birth to your first child is an unfathomable new experience for any woman, and the bodily changes you go through in the first few months can be daunting. With that being said, winters are just around the corner, and nobody values comfortable clothing in winter more than new mamas, not do they only want to stay highly satisfied, they also want to keep safe and layered up to dodge all the viruses, infections and cold hitting them and thus their child too! Let us assist you with these styling ideas for new parents since you should feel comfortable in your clothes to tackle recent problems.

These new mom clothing ideas are both adorable and functional for your comfort. Here is a winter fashion guide for new moms or mommies to be!

1. Layer up, mama!

Layering is essential for winter, so if you disregard everything else on this site and only ask for one piece of advice, make it this one. We’ll finish off this specific point by showing you several techniques and approaches to stack up! Wearing three layers, according to experts, can help you keep warm and safe.

a. The foundation layers

Your base layer, or the very first layer you wear, should comprise a material that can draw moisture away from the body, such as polyester or even silk. Just keep in mind that cotton garments should not be worn. Cotton shirts absorb water well, but evaporation is tough, so connect the dot and stay away from that material!

b. The central layer

The middle layer should be snug but not too snug. It is intended to be the insulating layer, which is primarily responsible for keeping you warm. Sweatshirts, sweaters, and fleece are all suitable for the intermediate layer. As an alternative, down jackets, can be used in the middle layer.

c. Peripheral layer

The last layer’s purpose is to be wind and water-resistant rather than keep your body warm, as the previous two layers should be able to do—vents surrounding the armpit area help promote airflow in the outer layers. Jackets worn as outer layers can be constructed of specially designed fabrics to keep rain and wind out.

2. Don’t let the maternity clothes go to waste! 

You may have gotten your hands on numerous amounts of maternity clothes when nothing from your own closet fitted you, and at this point, your wardrobe may just be full of clothes from those days, and you must loathe the idea of having to give them away!

Well, it’s a good thing that we come bearing good news; since winters are all about layering up and maternal fashion is all about comfort, we might as well bring those two together!

a. The wrap dresses are definitely a keeper.

After you’ve given birth and have maternal wrap dresses, keep them! The reason is that the traditional wrap dress is not just comfortable, but it is also an attractive option, especially for curvy ladies. The tie waist tightens in the smallest part of your body, creating a slimming impression, which is a jackpot in itself. The design is simple to modify to the demands of your changing body during all phases of pregnancy and the postpartum period, and it’s also a fantastic garment to wear for effortless and comfortable breastfeeding. Wear a tank beneath the dress if the upper part of the dress is a bit too loose after baby or if you’re showing more cleavage than you’d want.

b. An unbuttoned layer of buttoned downs

We’re sure that you may have stocked up on buttoned-down shirts during your pregnancy; well, guess what, we’re practically begging you to keep those too! Having explained the importance of layering up, we might not have to go into detail about styling these buttoned-down shirts!

Use this buttoned-down shirt as the outer layer or the second layer right below your overcoat, pair it with a warm first top that acts as the first layer, and wear it as an open button-down shirt shirt-cum-jacket.

If the weather isn’t that chilly, you could just wear it like it is, like a proper formal buttoned-down shirt, giving your body room to breathe!

3. Leather and mamas are besties.

While there’s a myth around leather jackets that claims that they aren’t exactly easy to carry, leather jackets happen to be the easiest to carry and rock in all kinds of seasons, especially for mothers who don’t exactly have the time to sit and individually list down or put down the layers of clothing that are advised for winters.

A leather jacket has layers in its own self, and thus pairing it will literally any other layer underneath it based on the extremity of weather will work!

For when the weather isn’t too cold, your mama’s could just be the jeans and tee mama, because who doesn’t love them? Pair a basic tee and denim jeans with an essential leather jacket!

Winters also come around with numerous festivities for which you could get your hands on a custom leather jacket, choose the color, the design, the patterns, and then add embellishments. Giving birth may make you lose the sense of individuality, and so to regain that, let your clothing, especially your jackets scream your name again, so you can be the cool mom without actually having to try to be it!

Last thoughts

Who said mommies couldn’t look fabulous while handling their baby? You could do both of them and more if you’re dressed the right way, so make sure that you follow our guide before prepping your fashion closet this winter! Remember, nothing can stop you from looking at your beautiful self.

While being passionate about fashion and being fashionable is a good thing, you might have to go slow on yourself and give your body a break by actually listening to it and what it wants. Don’t expect your body to fit in clothes magically like it did the last winter; a whole miracle took place within your body; give yourself credit for it.