Youth Sports Hydration Guide

April 20, 2022
mom and kid

As a mom, you want to do everything to keep your kids safe while they play sports. This means you’ve given them all the safety equipment they need, whether it’s helmets, shin guards, shoulder pads or something else. However, although protecting the outside of your children is important, you shouldn’t neglect what they need to stay healthy on the inside. This means ensuring they stay hydrated while they’re on the field.

The longer young athletes stay active without replenishing their fluids, the greater their risk for dehydration. Kids who are dehydrated can become sluggish, light-headed and exhausted. This not only affects their athletic performance, but also increases their chances for injuries and could lead to hospitalization in extreme cases.

The best way to prevent this is to make sure your kids drink plenty of water before, during and after their activities. In addition to encouraging them to drink up before they set foot on the field, you also should bring along a lot of water and healthy snacks to the event. Don’t wait until your child complains of being thirsty, either. Maintaining a regular intake of fluids throughout the day through scheduled water breaks will prevent them from dehydrating.

Having the right equipment is necessary to keep young athletes safe on the outside and staying hydrated is crucial for staying healthy on the inside. For more tips, see the accompanying resource by Axio Athletic.

This infographic was created by Axio Athletic, a provider of custom slowpitch softball jerseys