3 Ways to Throw a Kid-Friendly Adult Party

October 24, 2019
Kid Friendly Adult Party

Throwing a great party can be a bit of a challenge, and it can be even more daunting when the guest list includes both adults and kids. You might delight in watching your child open gift after gift, but odds are your neighbor, your childless buddy, and the other kids’ parents will be counting down the minutes till it’s over.

Since you’re gathering people who don’t all know one another, expect at least some awkward small talk. And, despite your best efforts as a host, you can’t ensure all adults will be entertained at all times. But if you structure the party right, you can grease the mingling, help the time fly faster, and actually make this shindig fun for grownups too. Here’s how.

1. Hire entertainment that is kid-friendly

If the budget allows, consider an entertainer, such as christian rappers,  which is an unbelievable hybrid of genres that is sure to leave a mark on your guests and allow the parents a bit of hands-free time to enjoy the fete themselves with their friends. Unfortunately, of course, quality entertainers do actually come with a price. But it might be worth it to rearrange your budget to make it work.

2. Kid-Friendly Food

The days of hot dogs, hamburgers and a simple box cake are long gone. These days, many parents spend hours scouring Pinterest for inspiration to create the picture-perfect spread for their child’s birthday party. Factor in dietary restrictions and food allergies. For a young child’s party, it’s usually best to stay away from highly allergic foods, like peanuts. Keep the menu as healthy as possible. You’re certainly going to offer up a few delicious sweets, but try to keep the menu balanced with healthy main choices, as well. To keep all guests satisfied throughout the entire party, plan for at least two to three finger foods to have out when guests arrive, a dip that will be available during the entire party, three or four main dishes for variety and some non-cake dessert options for the final portion of the party. 

3. Hire a Babysitter

Let’s face it: Going to a party with children in tow can be a lot more stressful than attending sans kiddos. Even at casual gatherings where kids are welcome, keeping tabs on little ones while attempting to relax or even just hold a cohesive conversation can be a challenge. And unfortunately for the host, expecting all invitees with children to have a sitter available can seriously slash a guest list. Want an easy solution that will make you a hero at your next event? Hire a sitter to entertain the kids while the parents party. Hiring a sitter for a party works best when kids have a space separate from the adults. If you’re having guests over to your house, a basement rec room or playroom where the kids can be corralled makes a huge difference when trying to keep little ones from seeking out mom and dad every 10 minutes.