Taking Care of You and Your Baby While You’re Pregnant

November 7, 2019
Proper Sleep

While You’re Pregnant

I believe, during your pregnancy, you and your new born baby will be much happier and healthier if you can take care of these:

Prenatal Care

Prenatal care gives birth to a healthy baby. If you know you are pregnant just visit your doctor and give the samples of your blood & urine. During the first visit, you will have several standardized tests (Blood test is for blood type, cell count, anemia, iron levels, and infectious diseases) and the opportunity to discuss your delivery plan with your doctor. After every visit, doctor will record your blood pressure and most especially your weight. These records help you to have a healthy and safe pregnancy.

Prenatal Inspection

During your first prenatal visit, your doctor or midwife will do a complete physical examination, do some tests, and ask about your illness and your family. During each visit, the doctor will check your child’s health, development and welfare. In the beginning of pregnancy time, you should visit the doctor at least once in a month. But in the last 2 months of your pregnancy, you should visit every week until you deliver your baby.

During pregnancy, preventive tests are done to identify potential problems in the mother and fetus. If the test results are normal, it will provoke confidence, but if the results are abnormal or indicate a problem, you will face difficult choices and great anxiety. It is useful to know why the analysis is performed and their possible positive and negative consequences. The answers to the following questions can help you decide whether it makes sense or you want to analyze it.

  • What is the purpose of this analysis?
  • How does it work?
  • Are there any negative risks or consequences for the mother and fetus?
  • How accurate and reliable are the results?
  • How does the information collected affect prenatal care?
  • What happens from negative or positive test results?
  • How much is it? Will I be paid for health insurance testing?
  • What is the result of not taking the test?
  • Is there any other way to get this information?

Your doctor will immediately explain the purpose of most tests. Discussing other tests (such as amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling) is very difficult and requires consultation with a geneticist and other specialists.

Although modern medical technology has made it possible to better identify and diagnose prenatal problems, the ability of this technology to correct these problems has not reached the same level. However, proper prenatal care, such as screening and diagnostic tests, greatly increases the chances of a healthy pregnancy and successful birth.

Regain Power During Sleep

There is no more wonderful period in life for a woman than pregnancy. However, hope for a new life not only brings joy, but also a serious burden on the body. It is important that pregnant women regain their power during sleep. However, it is very difficult for pregnant women to take a comfortable posture because the round shape is difficult to sleep comfortably. To get proper sleep, you need special equipment, such as a pillow for a pregnant woman.

The doctor prevents you from sleeping on your stomach, it is understandable. It is also highly undesirable to lie on your back. It will disturb your blood circulation. You can sleep on your side but it’s uncomfortable. The situation can be handle with the usage of pillow. The pregnancy pillows can help you to sleep properly and these will safe to use. The warning may be caused by the material from which it was made. The cushion cover should not be covered only with natural materials. Usually cotton or calico.

The panorama test is for you

Panorama is suitable for all pregnant women of all ages who want to have all possible information about the future offspring. Down’s syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities are frequently detected in children aged 40 years or older. However, microdeletion syndrome, which is also determined by this test, is completely independent of the age of females.

  • The panorama test is irrelevant if:
  • -Multiple load
  • -Use other eggs, substitute mother.
  • -Early donor bone marrow transplantation.

From birth to year Invitation to life

And it all starts the same way. Two are connected as much as possible but do not know each other at all even my friends have never seen. 9 months of complete fusion: whole blood, whole air, Exchange of experiences. 9 months of accumulation and growth, strange and subtle changes, A time of mutual hard adjustment to move from one world to another, Leave the mother’s warm universe and separate it. Finally, they look at each other’s eyes. Mom’s eyes are blurred with tears Fatigue, kindness, peace of mind, empathy. And the emergence of the newborn (is Born without problems, tired of birth, not pumped by drugs) – serious, clear, It is focused. Complete the assembly. A miracle is no less than pregnancy itself. And no less than herself.