Information About RIDME

November 23, 2019

We all have nothing to wear when an event comes up or whenever we have to go out, even when our closet is stuffed with clothes. Some of them are too tight, some are too loose, some of them have a weird cut, some just have a color which doesn’t suit us and there is so much more. We all have bought stuff that we never even worn once because it didn’t really look good on us.

Most women get stressed while they are picking outfits, getting ready to dress up because they feel depressed about their body image. Everyone wants to look good but women want themselves to look a certain way and not all clothes they own are able to do that. Some want to look skinny; some want to look slightly chubby and due to that; they end up buying clothes which makes them anxious about themselves and their physical appearance.

RIDME is an app which addresses mental health while dressing up which provides a platform to women where they can approve different outfits on themselves and feel confident about themselves as well.

It is a fashion app that is able to provide certified image consultant’s approval or disapproval for clothes in the closet. The app allows you to upload a selfie wearing the clothing item that your indecisive about and the app tells your whether you should buy it or not, wear it or not.

Some of the benefits of RIDME are:

  1. It gives the women, confidence, that they are losing while being indecisive about their clothes.
  2. This app allows the women to always pick outfits for events without the frustration of having nothing to wear.
  3. The opinions that the app gives are truly unbiased so you can actually trust the approval or disapproval that you may get on a specific piece of clothing.
  4. You will never wardrobe mistakes because this app will help you buy stuff which is actually suitable for you. So, you will make long term investments in clothes.
  5. The fear of not looking good or not having anything to wear makes you feel sad and just insecure about yourself. This app allows you to feel good.
  6. You will feel a reduction in the stress that you might have felt before while having clothes which didn’t really suit your body type or personality.
  7. You will even feel a great reduction in anxiety because you will own only the clothes that look amazing on you.

The creators of the app believe that with the help of suitable clothes, you can create the ideal image of yourself. Every person has a different style and a different sense of dressing. So, you can actually have a reflection of yourself in your clothes.

RIDME wants to make wardrobes a happy place, they want to make every woman happy and proud of the clothes she owns. They also intend to ensure better environment for the fashion employees, and they intend to reduce the waste that is created by fashion industry.

It is your personal stylist, you can pick the perfect outfits for your upcoming events just by uploading a selfie in the clothing items. If the clothing item gets approved at the app that means you are good to go with the outfit that you have picked but if it gets disapproved then you can give a few other pieces a try. You can only get rating, but if you like, you can get further feedback from the app which is unbiased and true.

If you are a busy professional and cannot spend much time in styling your clothes then allow RIDME to do it for you. You will always look stylish and fabulous with the clothes picked by RIDME. You will feel confident about yourself, without having to stress about different clothing items and spending hours to pick an outfit.

It is suitable for professionals, moms, college students who are always busy studying yet they want to look stylish, retired women can even get benefit from it by finding the most suitable clothes for them.

If you are also tired of struggling everyday to pick the clothes while dressing then have RIDME do it for you. Look stylish and fabulous with the help of RideMe!

Mobile Application and Online Community addressing mental health around getting dressed.