5 Fashion Tips Every New Mom Should Consider

January 20, 2017
5 Fashion Tips Every New Mom Should Consider

The transition that a pregnant woman goes through during the life-changing 9 months doesn’t end at the baby’s birth. Unfortunately, a brand-new mom’s body doesn’t magically turn into the exact shape it retained for years before the pregnancy. Feeling self-conscious about your body is completely normal after giving birth. However, a few simple, yet stylish fashion tips will help you accept your body the way it is now and still feel gorgeous.

Use Accessories

You might have used accessories merely as decoration before the pregnancy, but now you have yet to behold their other benefits. For example, longer necklaces (chains with pendants or beaded ones) which end at your cleavage will help you appear slimmer. On the other hand, dangly earrings (as opposed to studs) will both bring attention to your face and brighten your outlook. Finally, you can complement a black, slimming top with stylish silk, cotton or gauze scarves that will add a pop of colour to your outfit.

Away with the Maternity Clothes

No, don’t throw them away, give them away to someone who might need them, but don’t even consider ever wearing them again (well, maybe in case another baby comes along). Now, yes, those waistbands are comfy and elastic, but if you want to look even the tiniest bit fashionable, these are a huge no-no. If you feel as if you simply couldn’t live without your maternity clothes, wait a couple of months and you’ll completely forget about them. Until then, find clothes that mimic the style that you wore during your pregnancy, such as empire waists, wrap tops and dresses that accentuate your leanest body part.

Buy New Clothes

Naturally, you most likely no longer fit into your favourite pieces of clothing. Don’t despair, with a little bit of hard work, you’ll get back to your old shape. For now, however, over the course of the first three-month period after giving birth, you need to shop for new clothes. Look for pieces of clothing that accentuate your breasts– they are bigger now, but also a perfect way to divert the attention from your waist. Additionally, don’t be afraid of classic plus size dresses – they are perfectly normal for your current body shape! Remember that new clothes can easily change your mindset, which can lead to a change in your body, as well.


While you were all bloated during pregnancy, you gave up caring about your physical look at some point and kept your hair tied into a lifeless ponytail. Well, that time has passed and now, you need to start tending to it again. You might have forgotten all about it, but the way you wear and style it can have a huge impact onto your physical outlook; use a chignon, braid it or embrace the fedora hype! Of course, you won’t have time to spend an hour every morning styling your hair, but don’t forget to keep it healthy and hydrated. You can even try a new haircut that won’t require much maintenance, but that will bring a sense of novelty.


You won’t have too much time to go heavy with the makeup, so keep it simple and subtle in order to have a more natural, but stylish look. Go with gloss or a moisturizer when it comes to the lips and add some blush and black mascara when stepping out. Since many sleepless nights are ahead of you, use a bit of concealer underneath your eyes to hide those nasty dark circles!

Don’t despair about your current body shape, give it a little time. Things will settle and you’ll get cosy with your new schedule and you’ll be able to tend to your looks once again. Your good old slim look is just around the corner!

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