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Noteworthy Benefits of Using Timber Doors at Homes

January 18, 2017
Timber Door

The use of wooden doors is traditionally used since ancient time, due to the sturdiness of this material. Later on, many other materials are introduced in the market, which are used in manufacturing well-designed, low cost doors for the houses. Even in the present times, people still install the timber doors in their house because of the stability, longevity, elegance and low maintenance charges. If you install the latest metal doors in your house, then you need to replace them shortly because these metal doors can easily be affected by wear and tear. However, the timber doors are installed in a laminated and painted mode and if you find any damage on your door then you can repair these and repaint these at very low cost. Apart from that, timber doors can provide you better longevity than other doors and you can use these for many years.

Major Advantages That Can Be Obtained from Installing Timber Doors

  • Provides better insulation – All woods have natural insulating property, for which the timber doors make the rooms to be energy efficient, by retaining the temperature of the rooms. Hence, the rooms remain cool during the hot summer.
  • Has more longevity – As timber is highly durable in nature, the doors made from this material have greater longevity than other materials, which can be increased even more, by the application of paints and glazing solutions over the wooden surfaces. The longevity of the doors also depends on the high quality of the timbers used in making the door panels or frames.
  • Environment friendly – Timber is a completely natural product and hence, it leaves no negative impact on the surrounding environment, when the doors are manufactured with this wood. Moreover, the timber absorbs the carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide from the air, while releasing oxygen into the nature, thus purifying the environment. Hence, these doors contribute in reducing the global warming of the environment that is usually caused by the increase of carbon dioxide in air.

Decorate Your Home with Timber Doors:

The doors made of timber have more traditionally stylish looks, due to the wide variety of structural designs that are applied to create these door panels. Even the timber-framed bifold doors can lend a unique sophisticated appearance to the house. Different kinds of finish can be applied on these doors, by the architects, to create looks that are more attractive. Usually, various colors and shades of the paints can be used on these doors and you can install your favorite color timber doors accordingly.  If the house owners want a rustic country look at their homes, then the doors made of timber are the perfect choice for them.

  •  Maintenance is easy – The doors made of timbers can be maintained more easily, as the door panels just need to be wiped with soap and water, to clean all the dirt periodically. Hence, it does not demand any extra expense for the maintenance of these doors. Along with that, you can repaint your old timber doors or you can recycle your old timber doors for making a new one at a minimum cost.
  • Easy operation of the doors – The wooden frames or door panels have fewer joints and the dowelled joints are much easier to move, than the joints used in doors of other materials. As wood absorbs lesser amount of humidity from the air, it does not shrink or expand much on extreme temperatures.

Though the high quality timber is a bit expensive, the doors made of this material is so durable that the expense made on this door is finely justified, by the use of these doors over the long duration of many years. Before obtaining the door, you should do some research on the retailers. You should purchase timber door from the retailer who is offering at the best price.

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