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What Kind of Window Shutters Available in The Market

December 29, 2016
Exterior Windows Shutters

Shutters are installed at the windows of homes and offices for many reasons including protection and safety. When you are planning to buy window shutters for your home, you will be amazed and puzzled to find innumerable varieties of them in the market. Besides practical reasons, people even go with shutters for windows to improve the look of the home and add some more value to the appeal. Window shutters are installed for the security reason and people install the roller shutters at their main entrance. These shutters are rust resistant and these are mostly designed with aluminium, rough steel, alloy and iron. It is very hard to break or damage these window shutters by intruders, and you need to apply oil and grease on these shutters, and repaint these shutters for getting better longevity.

Popular Types of Window Shutters

Here are some of the most common types of shutters available, you can choose any of the following for your windows and make your place look stylish and even offers practicality to the property.

  1. Wood shutters: If you want to have a classic touch to the interiors of the home then wood shutters can be the perfect option to go with. There are many other reasons associated as well, they include- more security, they require no maintenance (just dusting, no cleaning), offer protection in all kinds of weather, and can be adjusted in any way as per your preference. Nevertheless, these shutters are traditional and people do not install these shutters anymore. In addition, wooden shutters need huge expenses and maintenance charges and you can install the aluminium shutters for better convenience.
  2. Aluminium shutters: If you want a strong and durable option for shutters then aluminium works well. In addition to this, if you live in a place where the climate is usually harsh then aluminium can save you anytime. It is a versatile option, it doesn’t get rot even in the humid climate, and it also doesn’t get spoiled or catches rust.
  3. Vinyl shutters: These come under the most cost effective options of shutters. These are resistant to any weather conditions and are stylish in looks as well. Few popular options under this category are structured hollow, hollow, solid vinyl, vinyl with wood, and vinyl with aluminium.

Exterior Shutters for Windows

Besides the interior shutters, there are window shutters available for exterior sides as well. Even the exteriors should look good and should offer the aspect of protection to the premises of the property.

  1. Louvered: These look sophisticated and help in passing out light and air in and out of the house. They offer a high profile look to the entire space and can instantly impress the guests coming to the house. Few popular designs can you can opt for are Cape Cod, Victorian, Greek revival, Italianate and more.
  2. Bahama: These are usually used in the sides of the windows and are appropriate for the houses, which experience tropical climate. They look wonderful for every home and some of the styles you can choose from are cottage, Ranch and Cape Cod. This style even offers solid protection to the home.
  3. Raised panel shutter: These are not much common but are used in spaces like kitchens and can even be applied to the doors. Some styles you can use for your home are Ranch, Federal, French Country, Colonial and more.

With so many options available in front of you, it is easy to make a selection based on the requirements, budget, weather and preferences of yours. So, what are you waiting for? Get the best option.

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