8 Things Only Moms Of Girls Can Relate To

May 12, 2018
mother and daughter

Hey there mamas! I keep seeing things popping up on my newsfeeds and other places that always talk about being a mom of boys, but what about us moms who don’t have boys? I have two beautiful, happy, healthy, pink little girls and let me tell you-boy or girl-it’s WORK being a mom! But we must remember how rewarding it is too! As the old rhyme says, “little girls are sugar and spice and everything nice…”So let’s take a look at the things that only moms of girls can relate to.

  1. You know every line of every Disney princess movie.

All girl-moms get to re-live their childhoods by watching all their favorite (and probably not so favorite) Disney movies so much they can learn every word all over again! Throw in the new ones like Frozen and Moana and us girl moms are bopping our heads to Disney songs whether our little girls are awake or asleep.

  1. We don’t see enough women role models for our girls and we’re annoyed.

With the creation of the new Wonder Woman, us moms of girls are becoming more and more aware of the fact that there aren’t many superhero role models for our daughters and it’s got us asking-WHAT GIVES?! Why can only men save the world?! Women are fully capable of being such strong roles in the world that we need to see more women superheroes! Thank you DC Superhero girls and Gal Gadot for being such awesome influences in my daughters lives! Haha

  1. THE. SASS!

When I had girls I didn’t expect the sass to start until they were 14ish and were getting to that b*itchy preteen age where they hated me; little did I know that at two, and three (the lovely term threenager comes to mind) and sometimes even inn their facial expressions at one, my girls are SASSY! They have an attitude a mile high-which is pretty big since they’re 3 and 4 feet tall themselves-and boy do they know how to bring it on at a moment’s notice! The RBF, the hands on the hips, the sassy way they snap back, girl moms can all relate to the fact that little girls of all ages are sassy as all get-out.

  1. The toys are expensive!

Most of my friends with little boys can buy them a couple dollar Hot Wheels and their son is happy. My daughters are obsessed with $10 L.O.L. Surprise Balls and don’t even get me started on the price of Barbie dolls nowadays! Girls can’t just have a collection of tiny cars, and even if you buy them a doll you need to get accessories to go with them. Sure, this makes it easy for birthdays and Christmas presents, BUT, it also makes it quite pricy when I’m trying to just buy my girls a gift because they’ve gotten good grades or done something good.

  1. Gender Roles SUCK!

My almost 7-year-old is OBSESSED with science! I’m talking human anatomy, dinosaurs, space, the ocean, anything science-related and that little girl is going crazy for it! When acquaintances or older family members hear that she wants to be a scientist when she gets older they sneer and wonder why she would want to be that when it’s “a boy’s job”. UH HELLO?! This is 2018! I don’t really think we need to have gender discrimination in jobs anymore! There are so many famous female scientists of the past and the way I see it, my daughter could do something wonderful for the world. PLUS, I love the fact she’s so driven and passionate at such a young age. It’s great to have big goals and shoot for the stars.

  1. The Clothes

Being a girl mom is great when it comes to the shopping aspect. Dresses, and ruffles, and pink, oh my! I love love love buying my girls clothes; I always have. The teeny tiny dresses for little babies like the newborn sizes and as they get older the ones that can match you, and the accessories, I just adore it. Now that my girls are getting closer in size too I can find them things to match each other which I find absolutely adorable! Haha

  1. The Tears

Most little girls are extremely emotional, which isn’t always a bad thing, except you sometimes feel with all the crying your house is going to flood. Haha! They’re definitely probably sweeter than little boys, which is totally okay too! They hug and kiss and learn it’s okay to express their emotions. Though sometimes I wish my 7 year old would express a little less because sometimes she doesn’t even know why she’s crying.

  1. You found a best friend forever.

The best part of being a mom to girls? You found yourself with a lifelong best friend. Sure, you’re going to fight and not always see eye to eye with your daughter, but remember, that was once you with your mother. When I was a teenager my mother was the worst person in the world, and now that I’m in my 20s and a mom of my own, my mother is my best friend. She’s the first person I turn to when I have good news, sad news, or just need to vent. My mom is my voice of reason and understanding and I’ll never be afraid to admit that sometimes all I need is my mommy to make me feel better. 😊 I hope my daughters feel that way about me one day and that we can be best friends too!


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