5 Ways To Save Money When Shopping For Clothes

May 12, 2018
Shopping For Clothes

Like it or not, we all have to spend a good amount of money on clothes. It is estimated that US citizens spend close to 2% of their annual household income on the purchase of clothes. And while a good part of the clothing budget will be used to buy expensive dresses for parties, weddings, etc., you will also set aside some money for buying inexpensive clothes for everyday use. And in this post, we will be looking at five ways you can save money when shopping for clothes.

  1. Wait For Discount Sales And Offers

Don’t buy clothes anytime you feel like. Instead, wait for the special offers and discount sales to hit the stores and make the purchase only at such times. This will help to buy clothes without burning a hole in your pocket. Otherwise, you will waste money by paying regular prices for the exact same clothes. So, talk with the owner or staff at the store, get to know when their special offer sales will be conducted and shop for clothes only during that time.

  1. Buy From Thrift Stores

Another great way to save money on clothes is to visit thrift stores like the ones managed by MERS Goodwill. You can buy a bucketful of clothes for a few dollars from such stores. This is ideal when you are shopping for daily wear. Just make sure to take a bag with you when visiting these thrift stores since they usually don’t offer any shopping carts. This will also help you avoid the trouble of carrying all the clothes in hand while shopping.

  1. Use Cash For Payments

As much as possible, make the payments in cash. If you use a credit card, you may have to pay extra charges for it. The charges might not be too much, but why waste money by paying an extra fee on credit card payments when you can avoid such unnecessary expenses by using cash? However, if you do have any cashback or other offers on the card, then paying through the card might turn out to be more beneficial.

  1. Buy High-Quality Clothes

A simple way to save money on clothes is to buy only high-quality ones. A $10 shirt will look cheaper than a $20 one. However, if the $10 shirt is made from low-quality fabric, it may fade or be torn in about six or eight months. In contrast, if the $20 shirt uses high-quality fabric, it can last for three or four years. As such, buying high-quality clothes even at a higher price will prove to be far more economical in the long run than spending money on cheap-quality fabrics.

  1. Get The Right Fit

Make sure that you get the fit of the clothes right. Ideally, the clothes must not be a perfect fit for your body. Instead, the short or the dress you choose must be a bit loose. So, if you put on weight over the next years, the clothes will still be usable. In contrast, if you buy a dress that fits you perfectly right now, it can become useless in about a year or so when you gain some weight.



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