9 Helpful Nursery Organization Tips

March 11, 2022
Nursery Organization Tips

Whether you’re preparing for your first child or revamping the nursery for the next phase of your baby’s life, organization is essential to keep the hundreds of baby items from descending into chaos. If you’re not sure how to organize your child’s nursery, we have rounded up nine helpful nursery organization tips to turn their room from disarray into order.

1. Turn a dresser into a changing table.

Changing tables may look cute, but they are often lacking in storage. Instead, buy a dresser with lots of drawers and repurpose it by securing a changing pad to the top. If the dresser is big enough, put the changing supplies in one of the top drawers so that you can easily reach them. If you need to fill the dresser drawers with other things, then place a rolling utility cart next to the changing tables and fill that with essentials such as diapers and wipes. Place the trash can or diaper pail right next to the dresser so that you can dispose of the dirty diaper right away. In the event of a diaper change accident that makes a mess, keep some baby boy and baby girl bodysuits in the dresser drawers so just in case you need to make a quick outfit change.

2. Create a nursing corner.

If you are nursing or pumping, then it makes sense to create a nursing corner where you can do it. Choose a comfortable chair that is still easy to get in and out of, even when you are holding a baby. Place blankets and pillows in a storage tote nearby so you can get comfortable whenever you nurse. Put a side table next to the chair so you have a place to put your phone or a glass of water. You might also want to add a footstool so you can put your feet up while you nurse or pump for extra comfort.

3. Hang up clothes.

Hanging up cute baby girl clothes makes it super easy to view all your outfit options without having to open every drawer and bin. Sort them by season and size and then use closet rod dividers to keep them organized. As for shoes and accessories, a hanging shoe organizer with clear pockets is an excellent way to keep them corralled and separated instead of mixing them all together in one big drawer.

4. Put storage in the bottom of the closet.

Baby clothes are very short, which means that you will have a bunch of empty space at the bottom of the closet for extra storage. Find a low shelf that will fit the dimensions of the closest and put it on the floor. Then, fill it with storage bins that you can easily pull out with one hand when you are carrying the baby. If your baby has a ton of clothes, you can also install a double closet rod in the bottom half of the space if it’s easier to just hang everything.

5. Utilize the space under the crib.

If you are pressed for space, then don’t ignore the area under the crib. You can choose cribs with drawers already built-in, but you can also just get basic plastic under bed containers and slide those under the crib as well. This is the perfect place to store extra bedding, blankets and other cozy items, especially when they are not in season.

6. Use the walls for storage.

Another great trick for maximizing your storage space is to use the walls. Bookcases, shelves and other pieces of furniture will add to your storage space without taking up too much floor space. Placing storage bins on the shelves will conceal the clutter and make it a snap to find things at a glance. Just make sure that the shelves are anchored to the wall or otherwise can’t fall over, as this will become a concern once your baby starts crawling and using objects to pull themselves up.

7. Organize your containers.

Speaking of storage bins, consider choosing see-through storage bins so that you do not have to pull out the bin to see what’s in it. This will make things much easier on you when you are searching for an outfit with one hand and carrying the baby in another. If you can’t stand seeing the clutter through transparent bins, then choose opaque containers and label the outside of each one clearly so that you don’t have to open a half dozen to find the exact sweater that you’re looking for.

8. Add drawer organizers.

Now your shelves are organized, but those huge dresser drawers that seemed so helpful are a tangled mess. To keep items sorted, use customizable drawer organizers that you can configure to fit various drawers and items. Consider rolling cute baby boy clothes and other items instead of folding and stacking them in between the organizers. Not only does this cut down on laundry time, it also allows you to maximize your drawer space and fit more clothes into the same amount of space.

9. Store extra items in a garage or basement.

Since you go through them so quickly, it makes the most financial sense to buy certain items, such as diapers and baby wipes, in bulk. However, these boxes take up a lot of room in the nursery and are kind of a waste of space. If you have other areas of the house where you can store them, such as a garage or basement, then do that instead so that you can keep your precious nursery space free for other items. Keep just enough in the nursery to get you through a week or two and restock as necessary.

With these tips, your nursery will be organized in no time. All you will need to do is spend a few minutes each day throwing stuff into the correct bins and drawers — and the nursery will look as good as new!