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Add Charm To Your Home – Get An Area Rug

July 8, 2019
Area Rug

Why do you want to only stick to the basics when it comes to home décor? Area rugs allow you to add an exclusive texture to your floors, and walls even. They also add a sense of warmth and homeliness – perfect for your living spaces like bedrooms and sitting rooms.

Area rugs also come in a variety of designs – you get to explore the classic patterns that have lived on over generations. You can also experiment with modern minimalist designs and eclectic mosaics.

Here are some pointers you need to keep in mind when buying an area rug for your home.

Sizes And Patterns

How many pieces of furniture are there in the place where you plan to keep the rug? The rug needs to be held by your furniture – it should not be too small since that will make your flooring look cluttered. Choose a rug size so that at least the front legs of your bigger furniture can pin it down.

If you have a large floor space to cover, it might not be a bad idea getting two rugs instead of one large one. Play around with the color combinations before you settle down on the final two. Find a color combination that gives your room a smart, modular finish. When choosing rug patterns, you need to once again consider your furniture.

If you have a single tone furniture theme then you can have some contrasting patterns on your rug. If your furniture collection is an accumulation of different pieces and colors, then a solid tone rug would juxtapose the variety and bring balance to your room. You don’t have to refrain from bold colors and patterns though – it is fun to exhibit our personal choices in our home décor – that is after all, what makes a home!

Authentic Luxurious Rugs

If you have the budget, it is prudent to invest in a good rug. Websites like Samad Rugs have a vast collection of luxurious rugs sourced from across the world. A lot of these rugs are created by expert craftsmen using old world techniques that have barely changed since the days of the Silk Route.

The beauty of a high-quality rug is that its beauty increases with its age. It can be a conversation piece that takes you on a history trip. If you are a little wary about having people trample over your new luxurious rug with exquisite Oriental patterns, you can just hang it on the wall – like art.

Rug Care

Your precious rug needs a certain amount of care. Depending on where it is placed, a rug can collect a lot of dust and dirt over long periods. An annual dusting is always warranted and there are ways to wash your rugs.

Remember that a dirty rug will be bad for your health too as it spreads allergens in the indoor environment. Prevention is always better than cure so if you want to extend the rug’s life – keep it in a no-shoe and no-food zone.