The Benefits Of Using Shearling Fur Coats

July 12, 2018
Shearling Fur Coats

Shearling coats are essentially fur coats made from lamb or sheep. They are quite famous for being one of the softest and comfortable furs to wear. And if you are thinking of whether to buy a shearling coat or not, the below six benefits should convince you to go buy one.

#1. Exceptional Warmth

The wool harvested from sheep has the ability to insulate air circulation better. This means that coats made from these furs will ensure that the person wearing it remains warm for longer periods of time. Even on days that are too cold, you can wear a shearling fur coat and confidently walk out in the open.

#2. Resistant To Water

Another big benefit of shearling furs is that it has an extremely high resistance to water. In fact, water that settles on the coat will have a tough time getting to the core of the coat. And even if some water does get through, it won’t create much of an impact since the core can easily absorb water equivalent to about a third of its weight while not becoming very muggy. When you get back to your home after walking through a very humid, rainy, or snowy environment, you only need to shake the coat to get rid of all the accumulated water on the surface. A fur coat is truly an asset you should invest your money in.

#3. Highly Durable

Shearling coats can easily last for several decades if you take good care of it. They are known for their exceptional durability compared to other types of furs. Just make sure that you don’t machine-wash the fur coat or put it in a dryer. That is a surefire way to damage any fur coat, leave alone shearling. And if the coat looks like it has become old, hand it over for fur coat restoration Maryland and the furrier will return it to you as good as new. Despite being so highly durable, shearling coats are also very lightweight, making for a comfortable wear and a great investment.

#4. Multiple Colors

Unlike some furs which can only come in a few colors, shearling coats come in a larger variety of colors. As such, for people who are fashion conscious, shearling coats will offer an excellent way to cover yourself up in winter and still look stylish.

#5. Moisture Absorption

Shearling coats are also known for their superior moisture absorption qualities. As such, the coat will absorb the moisture you generate from the warmth, thereby keeping you dry no matter how long you wear it. People who dislike the humid feeling they get when wearing other fur coats should definitely try out shearling fur options.

#6. Easy To Maintain

When it comes to maintenance, shearling coats are very easy to take care of. Remember to keep it away from sunlight or to store in airtight plastic bags. Never brush or rub the skin when it is damp. Instead, just air-dry it. And in every spring, get it cleaned by a professional furrier. Follow these tips and your shearling coat should easily last for a very long time.

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