Real Fur Coat: Things To Remember While Buying A New One

June 15, 2018
Real Fur Coat

Thinking of buying a real fur coat? A fur coat that is authentic is considered to be a symbol of high-end fashion which is the reason why most of us dream of owning one. However, our markets are flooded with fake fur coats that it is extremely difficult to know if you are getting the real one or not. Unless you are cautious and aware of the differences you are likely to be deceived.

What makes real fur coats a lasting investment is its durability and cost. You don’t want to be fooled into paying your hard earned money on a fur coat that is fake or on one that is of a poor quality. You need to keep in mind certain important things before purchasing a fur coat.

1. The climate in your town

You need to consider how cold the winters in your town are before investing in a fur coat. Fur coats are warm and you don’t have to invest in one with heavy fur made from foxes or racoons if the winters in your town are quite mild.

2. A classy coat or a casual one that is trendy

Keep in mind that there are different varieties of fur coats which are made to suit different occasions. You need to have a clear idea of the kind of fur coat that you are looking for: one that can be worn casually or one that is reserved for special events.

3. The available options

The different types of fur available in the markets include fox, mink, coyote, rabbit, sable, beaver and chinchilla. Understand the uniqueness of each fur before deciding on the one you prefer.

4. How to differentiate between real and fake fur coats?

Don’t fall into buying a fur coat just because the employee at the store says it’s original. You can do so if it is a popularly trusted brand or the store is known for its credibility. You can differentiate between the real and fake ones by keeping these tips in mind.

  • Compared to the fake ones a real fur coat is extremely soft.
  • The tip of synthetic fur is blunt whereas the tip of fur that is authentic is tapered.
  • Take a strand or two of the fur and burn it. If the fur is original the smell would be like that of burning a strand of human hair. If the fur is synthetic it would melt giving out an odor of burning plastic.

5. Check for labels

  • A label showing the origin of the pelt
  • Brand name
  • Authority label of the manufacturing country (FLA tag for the USA)

6. Check underneath the lining of the fur coat to see or feel the fur to determine its originality

Make sure you do a thorough research and don’t buy one unless you are convinced of the quality and authenticity of the fur coat and the credibility of the store from where it is purchased. A little bit of common sense together with the correct information regarding fur coats can help you purchase the right one.

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