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Get Adequate Idea About Gate Installation Before You Intend to Go for It

August 23, 2018
gate automation installation

Gate provides the main security of the house or of a building complex. A function of a gate is always is phenomenal from the security point of view. Many sophisticated technologies are now being applied to the main gate. These comprise a closed-circuit camera, telephone system, scanning facility, and many more. Today you can find different kinds of gates in the market such as swing gate, automatic gates, roller shutters, wooden or traditional gates, security screens, raising or rolling gates, sliding gates and security metal gates. So, you can choose anyone according to your preferences and budget. But do not compromise with your security measurements and always choose a durable gate for your main entrance.

Operations of Different Kinds of Gates:

As stated earlier that there are different types of gates available in the market, similarly you can find different types of operation modes of these gates. You can choose barrier type gates, vertical pivot gate, horizontal slide gate or swing gates for your house or commercial premises. Most of these gates are made with metal because wooden gates cannot provide you 100% security measurements. So, do not wait for a long time and hire the gate installation services to install such advanced gates in your premises.

Installation of an Automatic Swing Gate

Gate material and functioning vary widely with remote opening and closing provision. The material used is generally wooden with two side opening, wooden electric sliding type driveway, horizontal wood driveway gate, rolling shutter type with remote control facility etc.

Power Options for the Gate Opener

The automatic gate opener is a low-voltage battery operated system. A battery is required for powering the opener. The battery charging is availed either by the transformer or by a solar panel.

Determine the Position of the Gate Opener

The gate opener should be installed on the inside of the property/fence line. Do not install the opener on the outside of the gate where the public has access to it.

Install the Post Bracket Assembly

Attach the opener arm to the post bracket assembly and gate bracket. Verify that the opener arm is in right level and adjust the post bracket assembly if necessary.

Install Closed Position Stop Plates

The Closed Position Stop Plate helps to stabilize the gate in the closed position.

Connect Battery Wires to Control Board

With the control box cover removed, run the battery harness wires through the control box strain relief slot, and leaving enough wire to reach the battery wire plugs from the control board.

Connect Gate Opener Power Cable

Insert the power cable through the strain relief slots of the control box. Attach the power cable wires to the appropriate terminal blocks marked by colour.

Connect the Transformer

You must connect a transformer or a solar panel to the opener’s control board in order to maintain a charge to the battery.

Connect the Battery

Either wire up the battery that is included with the gate opener, or for select models, place a 12 Volt automotive battery in a weatherproof case within 6 feet of where the control box is mounting

Set Auto-Close Timing

The auto-close timer determines how long the gate will remain open before it automatically closes. You can adjust the auto close timer on the control board to automatically close the gate from 3 to 120 seconds, or to off

Summing up above, it can be concluded that automatic gate installation requires proper planning for right selection of the type and opening technology. Safety guidelines are included with your gate opener before installation to avoid potential hazards caused by improperly installed/maintained gate opener systems.