The Luxury of Fur – All You Need To Know

October 7, 2018

A fur coat is the only outfit in your wardrobe that can never be out of style. Proven to last longer and provide warmth and comfort like no other material, fur is one of the most exquisite materials you can own. These coats can also be made even trendier by modifying it with the help of a qualified furrier. Fur coats are known to be passed over generations without damage. This is due to the astounding amount of durability that comes along with the material. With proper care, fur clothing will be the most durable and beautiful item of clothing in your closet.

The incredible warmth factor

Fur is one of the most protective materials against the cold while being equally comforting. It keeps you warm without being bulky and also makes an incredible style statement wherever you go. No man-made material can be as warm as furs can get. The material is extremely soft and subtle while being a perfect combination of sophistication and glamour. Heading out to cold temperatures will no more be a factor for worry with the amazing option of real fur and its benefits. Fur can never fail to be a head turner with its class and elegance.

The maintenance factor

Fur has to be chosen carefully based on its quality and brand. Choosing from reputed brands such as Fur clearinghouse will assure the durability of your product. On top of being one of the most exquisite materials you can have for your coat, fur also needs a good amount of care. Unlike a few exceptions of delicate fur such as chinchilla, most furs are extremely durable and do not require much care except a few basic steps. Furs require breathing space and are not tolerant of heat. Hence keeping them in a spacious coat closet or rack where it does not have to endure friction from other items of clothing and is away from light, is a good choice.

They should be left free and not in a plastic bag of any sort. Furs require cleaning as well which should only be done carefully and by a qualified furrier. Chemical contact from insecticide, perfume or hairspray should be avoided to the best as furs are not tolerant to chemicals. This is due to the fact that these chemicals can react with oils in the fur causing bad odors. It is also a good idea to insure your fur against theft, in your homeowner’s policy. This additionally results in keeping their value safe.

The sustainability factor

Fur occasionally faces backlash regarding its nature as an animal product. However, the truth remains that no man-made material has been proven to withstand cold similar to how furs can. Additionally, fur synthesized out of chemicals in a laboratory are not biodegradable and take a lot more time than natural fur to be broken down to be called eco-friendly. Classifying based on source nature, animals are a renewable source. Furs are obtained from farm grown animals while fake fur is made from petroleum which is a non-renewable source. This material is also recommended to be used over other winter wears as it helps fight climate change as well.