How to Once and for All Prove to Your Kids that Santa and The Elf are Real

December 8, 2018
santa get a free call from Santa or the Elf!

“Hey Mom, was it really you that moved the Elf?” 

“How could Santa squeeze his fat belly down the chimney?” 

Reality will eventually win out, but one of the delights of childhood, and of being a parent, is to spread a little holiday magic at Christmas.

Could you imagine the looks on your children’s faces when they received a phone call from the big guy in the red suit or from one of his magical elves? It can really happen, thanks to a website called ChristmasDialer

With ChristmasDialer, an interface on the website invites you to enter a phone number for Santa or the Elf to call. And then, with your child close by, and the phone set to speaker, watch the sparkle in their eyes when they realize that magic just happened!

Most parents schedule 2 – 6 phone calls from the North Pole each holiday season. Clever messages from the Elf remind kids that he’s watching their behavior, dares kids to find him and hints at his latest funny business. Of course, the call from Santa is a bit more tender encouraging good behavior, gearing the kids up for his visit on Christmas eve, or reminding them to “go and climb into bed and close your little eyes” so he can deliver the goods.

And ChristmasDialer –  is free to use, or it starts at just $1.99 if you choose to schedule 2 or more calls.

Plus, there’s no App that must be downloaded, and, don’t worry about your phone number being open to spammers as it is completely safe.

Hey Mom and Dad! We invite you to take advantage of the one time each year when your child is rewarded for being nice and not naughty. Create some holiday magic and cheer! It’s a “Win – Win” for everyone in the family.

Give ChristmasDialer a try today!