Meet The Yellow Umbrella Boutique’s Baby Car Seat Covers

December 21, 2018
Baby Car Seat Covers

Car seat covers have been becoming more and more popular for the last several years. It’s not uncommon to see a variety of covers pretty much everywhere you go. The stretchy jersey-cloth style in particular has really gained a lot of traction recently. Some early pioneers in the design have helped make the style popular but brands like The Yellow Umbrella Boutique offers a comparable product at an absolute fraction of the price!

What’s So Special About a Baby Car Seat Cover?

Great question! What makes The Yellow Umbrella Boutique’s Baby Car Seat Covers so unique is their multiple functionality! They simply can serve so many wonderful purposes making them cute, convenient and very useful. Having a cover on your car seat is helpful because it can help keep your little from sunlight that might otherwise wake them. This is great because they can stay asleep longer even in public! They’re also great because they can keep bugs, insects and other critters from getting to your baby as easily. The same goes for old people who always seem to want to touch your baby’s face with their nasty germ-infested hands! Having the cover seems to deter at least some of the random strangers who love grabbing baby cheeks.

What other functions does the covers serve?

Nursing Covers

Another great question! Yellow Umbrella’s covers can also be used as nursing covers. What’s wonderful is the fact that the cover is almost always just kept on the outside of the car seat. This means your cover will almost always be with you and not be taking up any room inside your already crammed diaper bag. So many wins all at once! The stretchy material gives even full-figured women plenty of room to have their baby in with them. It also stays in place well even in particularly windy conditions.

Grocery Cart/High Chair Covers

Another common use for the cover in addition to covering car seats and nursing mamas is as a cover for grocery carts and/or restaurant high chairs. Because both carts and high chairs are common public surfaces, you never really know what might be on them. You’d like to think they are routinely cleaned, care for and sanitized. However, this really might be a big assumption. Trusting this is the can put your child at risk to exposure to all sorts of nasty communicable illnesses. With cold and flu season nigh upon us, it’s a great idea to keep your little ones protected!


Our car seat covers do come in a variety of super cute colors, patterns and designs. This isn’t a use that any of the Yellow Umbrella Boutique really emphasize but other boutiques do.

Why The Yellow Umbrella Boutique’s Covers

There are other companies selling car seat covers. Many of them have poor designs that don’t do well in windy conditions. Some have similar designs but are priced way higher, others don’t offer free shipping. For this and many other reasons, The Yellow Umbrella Boutique is the best place to get your own baby car seat cover!