Helping Your Daughter Prepare For Homecoming

July 18, 2016
Homecoming dress

Do you remember every detail of your high school homecoming event? You will still most likely remember what you wore. Chances are, though, that your teenage daughter’s homecoming night is going to be completely different. Time really does fly and with that, trends keep changing.

Homecoming has become a critical part of a young lady’s life. That’s why you need to help your daughter make her homecoming the most unforgettable night of her teenage life. The key is to start preparing early. You will want to guide your little girl and have lots of fun together while you are at it. No doubt, you will also want to get your hands on the most stylish homecoming dresses for 2016.

So let’s take a look at how you can help your princess get ready for her special event.

Start with the Dress

Your daughter is your more precious princess, right? So be sure to take the time out to sit down with her and discuss the dress she has been dreaming about. Guide her towards the perfect dress that will suit both her body shape and personality. While you probably are trying to stick to a budget, try not to get so stressed out that you force her into something she’s going to hate.

Instead, work towards finding a middle path and give your daughter the freedom to decide on her dress with your help. You could try to encourage comfort over style since your daughter needs to be able to move freely and comfortably.

Consider Hairstyles

Your daughter’s homecoming hairstyle should blend well with her chosen dress. Try to book a salon appointment long before the event for a trial run to determine a beautiful hairstyle for your princess. If you book a test run early enough, you won’t have to worry about last minute mishaps and disasters and your daughter’s hairdo will surely be sensational on the night.

Don’t Forget the Makeup

Makeup is another essential aspect of her overall homecoming look. Sit down together and decide on an appropriate selection of makeup that will complement and accentuate both the dress from Peaches Boutique and your daughter’s best features. Try not to overdo the makeup. Just as with the hair, it’s a good idea to let her start practicing in advance so she is well prepared for the special night. Remember to choose makeup that complements her skin tone.

The Transportation

As much as you may want to drop your daughter off at homecoming yourself, there is a trend towards booking a limousine, hummer or some other form of special transport for the evening. Surprise your little girl by booking her transport for her and talk to her friend’s parents to find a way to split the costs. Be sure to make prior reservations to ensure you get the best possible transport for your budget. Other parents are usually more than happy to pitch in for their children, too.

The Date

If you haven’t met your daughter’s intended homecoming date, you may want to get to know him before the big night. Try to remember that it is her decision who she wants to take, so you may as well try to make the most of it.

Use these tips and your daughter will be confident and well prepared for homecoming.

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