Bolstering Your Health with Cold Pressed Almond Milk Nutrition Help

July 18, 2016
Almond Milk Nutrition Help

With increasing pressures of work and stress in today’s life, people are getting more and more interested in wellness and health. And when it comes to complete wellness and health, then nothing can surpass the goodness of almonds in your daily life. Paving an ideal alternative to those who are allergic to soya or are lactose intolerant, cold pressed almond milk nutrition help is a great drink. It’s a great replacement for dairy milk and tastes pretty good too. Your body receives all the essential nutrients when you have this milk.

The Fundamental Aspects

Almond milk is not just good for your heart and kidney, but it is also a non-fatty product which brings glow and shine to your hair and skin as well.

  • It doesn’t undergo the same processing as the latter and contains more nutrients. A perfect substitute of cow milk, Almond milk entails a creamy taste, texture and is amazingly rich.
  • The cold pressed almond milk nutrition help presages a technology that’s loved by people who drink it. The nutrients are firmly placed in the food.
  • By using cold pressed juicer or mixer for this milk, you are drinking it with every enzyme intact inside. The concerned juicer doesn’t produce heat while squeezing and grinding the milk, keeping the nutrient exact.

Almond Milk

Understanding the Benefits

It has many diet-friendly benefits. You can use it for weight management or weight loss.

  • A perfect drink for bodybuilders, this milk is high in fiber. You will be amazed to know that original, plain almond milk entails 60-70 calories per bowl only.
  • It’s low in protein and fat with 1-2 gram per cup and 2.5 gram respectively. It has saturated fat with eight grams of carbohydrates. It’s a rich source of various essential soluble vitamins like vitamin D, E and A.
  • It can increase your muscle power naturally and improves their quality. With cold pressed almond milk nutrition help, you get Riboflavin, which is a rich source of Vitamin B and iron. With a recommended intake of 4% daily, you can also prevent migraine problems, if any. Iron regulates your oxygen absorption.

More on the Benefits

Almond milk contains vitamin E and A are antioxidants, which enhance your immunity and protect the body tissues and cells from breakage.

  • Besides, Vitamin A enhances eyesight, bolsters your skin and helps in normal growth and structural development.
  • Vitamin D helps in building and maintaining super strong and bones besides enhancing immunity. It’s a rich source of important omega fatty acids.
  • It’s a great drink to maintain a healthy heart. With cold pressed almond milk nutrition help, you will find an effective drink to foster healthy heart. It contains 5mgs of sodium with cholesterol. Low intensity of sodium and paucity of cholesterol and a paltry amount of potassium (150mgs only) helps in regulating your blood pressure and keeping it under control.

Cold PressedAlmond Milk
More Health Affirmatives

The cold pressed almond milk nutrition help is a great source of Calcium as well. One cup offers a minimum of 300 mgs. Calcium is central to building and keeping healthy, strong bones. It is paramount in thwarting the perils of osteoporosis in old age. It also regulates blood pressure and helps in muscle contraction. You will find that one cup contains only eight grams of carbohydrates, of which seven are sugar.

This composition constitutes the carbohydrate quotient in your body that generates minimal impact. This is in stark contrast with regular milk, which comprises simple sugars in the garb of fat, which causes your body to dodge vital nutrients. Almond milk, on the other hand, contains a low volume of simple sugars, which gives it a subtle glycemic disposition.

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