Mom Essentials: 4 Reasons To Buy an Eye Cream For Dark Circles and Wrinkles

February 17, 2021

Eye creams have been beloved by dermatologists and estheticians everywhere for their usefulness and amazing results. While in previous years they have been marketed towards an older audience to target wrinkles, lately they have caught the attention of the younger person for its ability to defeat dark circles as well.

As per the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, specific anti-aging eye treatments can help improve under-eye smoothness and reduce the depth of larger wrinkles – something many people try to achieve with their skin care regimen.

While eye creams can benefit anyone, mothers are especially grateful for its existence – sleepless nights and an exhausting routine can take quite a toll on the eyes. An eye cream is a must-have that can make dramatic changes to your outward appearance (even if you’re still tired on the inside!)

1. Preventing Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Skin thickness is prone to variation. The skin on the rest of your body differs from that around your eyes. Aside from reduced muscle mass, fatty tissue, oil glands, extraocular skin is more prone to issues such as dryness, puffiness, discoloration, wrinkles, and fine lines.

The thin skin composition combined with constant muscle action (blinking, winking, facial muscle movement) results in the signs of aging that shows faster on the under-eye area as compared to the rest of the face. In fact, the first signs of aging usually appear around the eyes.

For this reason, the under-eye area requires products that are formulated differently from a regular facial moisturizer – much lighter in texture and free of potential irritants. An eye cream helps maintain the health and integrity of the skin surrounding the eyes.

Collagen-building ingredients, such as retinol, can help smooth out developing fine lines and wrinkles and boost the thinning skin.

Pro-tip: When applying eye cream, use your fourth-finger for the optimal amount of pressure to use on that sensitive area of thin skin.

2. Counteracting Puffiness and Eye Bags

Many factors help determine the outlook of the skin around your eyes, such as pollution, UV rays, screen time, and more. Exposure to these factors results in visible changes in the under-eye area, including puffiness and crow’s feet.

Under-eye puffiness is an outcome of fluid buildup that results in swelling in tissues surrounding the eyes. For some, this may result due to allergies or inflamed sinuses, but for others, it may result due to sleep deprivation, alcohol consumption, an unhealthy diet, or simply aging.

An eye cream can act as an excellent preventive tool to combat the effects of everyday life on your eyes. Ingredients such as cooling cucumber and caffeine can help reduce puffiness and hydrate the under eyes by settling into fine lines.

Note: Caffeine constricts the blood vessels under the eyes and reduces puffiness. A topical eye cream that has caffeine could be a great one to try out.

Under-eye bags may be hereditary. They may also result due to swelling induced by sun exposure, stress, fatigue, allergies, and free radical oxidation. The micro blood vessels under the eyes become more permeable and start leaking fluid, which starts to pool under the eyes. This swelling may subside if the body reabsorbs these fluids.

While applying eye cream does not significantly help in this situation, lifestyle modifications such as drinking more water and staying on a fixed sleeping schedule may help remedy sunken eyes and under-eye bags. Sleep is a major influencing factor that may seem impossible to maintain with kids, but it must be done, primarily because sleep influences multiple body functions.

Aside from more sleep and greater fluid intake, gently massaging the under eyes helps improve circulation and temper under-eye fluid buildup. Massaging the eye cream under the eyes in an upward and round motion helps enhance blood circulation around the eye, thereby reducing swelling.

3. Increasing Longevity of Makeup

Extraocular skin, i.e., the skin around your eyes, does not have many oil glands. For this reason, it is one of the driest areas of your face.

When it comes to makeup application, the under-eye area can be a little tricky to work with simply because it lacks the same level of moisture. This results in the under-eye area looking particularly dehydrated and tired.

Applying eye cream under your eyes before applying makeup on the area helps keep dryness at bay and prevents any product from settling into any fine lines or wrinkles, giving a smoother makeup application and overall look. Moreover, it allows your makeup to stay on for longer and maintain its freshness.

4. Brightening The Skin

The under-eye area is one area where we lose the most bone and fatty tissue as we age. This results in the appearance of hollow dark circles. Discoloration resulting from dark circles may result due to a multitude of reasons aside from aging, including stress, smoking, heredity, pigmentation, and sun exposure.

Note: Ingredients like vitamins C and K, licorice, and kojic acid help reduce skin discoloration.

While Botox and fillers help resolve the problem to an extent, the best way to reduce the appearance of hollow dark circles and maintain the under-eye area is with an eye cream. The cause of dark circles may vary; however, the ingredients used to fix them are universal, such as collagen-plumping peptides.

Note: Collagen-plumping peptides help fight the overproduction of melanin.

Eye creams do not completely banish dark circles; however, they illuminate the under eyes, which gives the appearance of fuller under eyes.

– Ingredients To Look For In Eye Creams

While there is no magic extract that can prevent the outcomes of aging, a good eye cream with the right ingredients can help prevent the signs and reduce their appearance significantly.

Most experts recommend high water content formulations such as the Obagi eye cream as they are lighter, more hydrating, and absorb more easily. Eye creams with retinol, a derivative of vitamin A, are preferred as retinol helps boost cell turnover.

Vitamin C and peptides also come with multiple anti-aging benefits. They help the under-eye skin look more robust. Antioxidants help protect the skin from free radical-induced damage. Ingredients such as sodium pyroglutamic acid (NaPCA) help boost under-eye moisture. Moreover, hyaluronic acid helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Regardless of the product you opt for, it is crucial to watch out for any redness, irritation, or swelling after use. Discontinue use immediately if any such symptoms arise.

Eye Cream Tips and Tricks

Now that we have discussed why you need an eye cream in your skincare regimen, here are some helpful tips and tricks.

  • Store your eye cream in the fridge. The coolness of the eye cream helps reduce under-eye puffiness and soothes tired eyes.
  • Apply eye cream before putting on under eye concealer for a smoother application and avoiding the product building up in fine lines.
  • Look for a fragrance-free eye cream as fragrance may irritate the sensitive skin surrounding the eyes.

Try an Eye Cream Today!

When it comes to under-eye care, it is essential to be consistent. Be meticulous about your skincare routine, sort out your sleep schedule, and maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle for the best outcomes. Eye creams are not miracles in pots, but they definitely help. Grab yourself an eye cream that favors your skin type and preference, and say goodbye to dull-looking under eyes.K

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