3 Special Ways to Send Your Condolences

February 9, 2021
sympathy gift box

Watching someone you care about  grieve and mourn the loss of a loved one is one of the hardest things to do, especially when you know there’s nothing you can say to make their pain go away. While you wish you could carry some of the heartbreak, you know there’s nothing in the world that can do that. However, that shouldn’t stop you from being there  for your loved one and showing them how much you love and care for them — especially during difficult times. Here are a few special ways to send your condolences when “I’m sorry for your loss” seems too impersonal. Nice line. I’ve felt that. And so has everyone else.

Send a gift box

A sympathy gift box at laurelbox is one of the most special ways to send your condolences. You can choose from different themes so the box is tailored to reflect your sentiments. Whether for a bereaved mother, a memory box, or commemorative box, these gifts are sure to help express your thoughts, and love, through the act of gifting. These boxes contain trinkets, jewelry, candles, tea, and other items that have sentimental meanings. Does the giver choose what goes into the box? The best part about sending a meaningful gift is that it gives your loved one space to grieve but still lets them know they are on your mind..

Pay for a service

Because your loved one is overwhelmed by  their loved one’s passing, daily to-do’s may not be a priority t. You can help ease some of the responsibilities by paying  for a service or sending  needed help. Perhaps you can make arrangements with a cleaning service  to straighten up your loved one’s home . InstaCart would allow you to order groceries for them. And of course, there are  apps such as UberEats, GrubHub, and DoorDash that allow you to have meals delivered from favorite restaurants. Be sure to check with your loved one before scheduling any of these services. You’ll want to be sure it’s okay beforehand so it doesn’t seem like you’re intruding.

Send a self-care kit

Sometimes , when we mourn, we tend to neglect ourselves. Let your loved one know you are thinking of them by sending a care package in the form of self-care items that they can use. Some popular ideas are kits that include items that turn their bathroom into a day spa. Lavender oils for a diffuser, oils and salts for a relaxing bath, herbal tea for a comfort drink, cozy pajamas and a robe to lounge in at home, are all great options to keep your loved one comfortable.

There are so many ways to show someone you love them and are thinking of them when they grieve. Anything you do will surely be appreciated.