How to Stay Warm With Layered Clothing Options

January 29, 2021
Layered Clothing

As winters set in, we often look at our wardrobe and wonder if we have enough winter wear to survive the cold temperatures. But dressing in the cold does not require investing in heavy, expensive winter wear every year. You can also keep yourself warm with the clothing pieces you own. The trick is to layer them right so that you can maintain your body temperature.

Here are some tips to use layered clothing options and be snug. Or you can click here to explore more.

1. Wear multiple layers

If you live in a place where winters are quite cold, you need to own heavy, bulky coats. No, you don’t! This is a big misconception. Heavy coats are fine, but you can do without them too. Wearing multiple thin layers is more effective in combating the cold rather than wearing one or two heavy layers. The problem with bulky winter wear is that it may not always be comfortable. Layered clothing gives you freedom of movement. And what is most important, is that you can lose a few layers when needed, depending on the temperature and your activity.

2. Create the right layers

The key to keeping yourself warm in layered clothing is to create three layers.

  1. The inner layer – This is the first layer of clothing that touches your skin.
  2. The insulation layer – The middle layer creates a barrier between your body and the cold, keeping you warm.
  3. The top layer – The top layer is not meant to keep you warm but to protect you from rain, wind, or snow.

If you layer your clothing in such a manner, you will feel cozy and be comfortable enough for any activity.

3. Choose the correct fabric for your layered dress

The next important thing is to choose the right fabric for the layers that you are wearing. Choose moisture wicking fabrics that will keep you dry. Moisture is dangerous and will have you freezing in no time. Fabrics like polyester, polypropylene, or silk work well. Fleece and wool have a lot of warmth and are soft on the skin as well. For the top layer, you can choose nylon or any fabric that is waterproof, so that your inner layers do not get wet.

4. Make sure you have a comfortable fit

One thing that most people forget is that layering must include loose fitting clothes. If you wear too many layers that are too tight, you will be obstructing blood circulation, hence, not allowing your body to keep you naturally warm. Tight layers will also greatly restrict your movements. Loose layers have space between them, where the warm air creates a layer of insulation. That’s why you don’t feel cold.

5. Look for alternatives

Layering does not require winter coats, boots, or fur hats all the time. You can look for options. A body hugging thin long-sleeved t-shirt can be worn in place of a thermal top. A tank top can be your base layer. Tights or leggings inside trousers can keep you warm. A layered dress requires innovation, keeping comfort in mind.