What Is There to Do in St. Albert, Alberta?

January 19, 2021
St. Albert Alberta

When traveling up to the Great White North, there are many activities that you and your family can enjoy. Most people think that only big cities have any real attractions for people to see. For example, Toronto has the Hockey Hall of Game, and Vancouver has its fantastic food and nationally renowned seafood.

Even though these big cities may have a lot to bring to the table, many other places get overlooked due to the nation’s famous attractions. Whether you are looking for a unique position to vacation, a new spot to visit, or out on a business trip, The smaller towns in Canada have a lot to bring to the table. A great example of one of these towns is St. Albert. 

Father Lacombe Chapel

One of the tremendous historic provincial landmarks that St. Albert has to offer is the Father Lacombe Chapel. A unique factor that drives many tourists to visit this significant landmark is a log building constructed in 1861. That means that Father Lacombe is the oldest standing log structure in the entire province of Alberta.

If you are interested in the provincial history of Alberta, and you enjoy seeing cool historic landmarks, Father Lacombe Chapel should be one of your places to visit in St. Albert. 


One of St. Albert’s unique features is that it is a small town in Alberta right outside Edmonton’s capital city. St. Albert is excellent for those people who love the small-town feel, but if they want to do something that the small town may not have, it is a twenty-minute drive into the city. 

This makes for a grand tourist residence so that you can drive to the city but still be introduced to a friendly small town. 

St. Albert Grain Elevator Park

Another significant landmark that provides a lot of rich provincial history is the St. Albert Grain Elevator Park. This park takes visitors back to the days when Canada’s grain trade was at its peak. 

If you find entertainment out of historical landmarks and learning about the great history of the north, then this is a place for you. 

Overall, St. Albert has many unique attractions that bring people together. Instead of having the big city feel that most of the tourist spots in Canada are known for, St. Albert brings small-town energy that a lot of people enjoy. Plus, the amount of attractions and cool things to see in these small towns is just as high as the big cities. 

St. Albert is a great place to be if you are looking for cool, local places to visit. Plus, there is an excellent St. Albert real estate up for grabs if you are someone you know is looking for a city home in Alberta. Not everything has to be a grand gesture to be remarkable. You can have the same effect from going to a smaller eatery and seeing everyone that knows each other, as you can at the hockey hall of fame.