7 Fun-Filled Activities Mommies and Daddies Can Do With Their Kids

January 8, 2021
mom dad playing with kid

Kids want attention and love from their parents to grow and thrive. These tiny humans look up to us as their role models and want to grow up to be just like us.

With a pandemic sweeping the world, we have had the opportunity to take a step back from our challenging, fast-paced lives and spend more time with our children.

Our devotion and time are very beneficial for the young ones. Children who indulge in various activities with their parents are more confident and value their self-worth. They also enjoy academic accomplishments and have better communication skills. As parents, we also need family bonding time to de-stress and escape from the pressures of adulthood. Quality time with the kids is just what we need!

It is challenging to come up with ideas to keep the little ones happy and occupied. Hence, we have compiled a long list of fun-filled activities that mommies and daddies can do with their kids:

Outdoor activities

A bit of fresh air can work wonders for everyone. You feel rejuvenated and peaceful while the kids get an outlet to spend their endless energy and a welcome break from screen time. There is a plethora of things that you can do outdoors, such as:


Teaching your child cycling is a milestone of sorts and a massive sense of accomplishment for both the parents and the kids. It is also a great activity to do together as a family, as it is so much fun and allows you to burn a few calories.

Depending on your children’s ages and their skill levels, you can go for a bike ride around a quiet place or find a challenging biking trail in your area. You can even pack a picnic to enjoy at the end of your course before cycling back home.


Gardening can be a therapeutic activity for everyone. There is nothing compared to the thrill of seeing something grow because of your hard work and dedication. Moreover, gardening is a natural form of sensory play. It hones the kids’ fine and gross motor skills, encourages curiosity, and teaches them responsibility, extending towards household chores.

To get your offspring excited about gardening, involve them in the process from the start. Allow the children to choose the seeds, buy kid-sized gardening tools for them, and plan each plant’s placement in the garden.

Ask them to help you with watering, removing weeds, and the general upkeep of the garden. Things will get very exciting for everyone involved once the seeds start sprouting plants!

Fly kites

Flying kites is another excellent outdoor activity that keeps the entire family involved. There are many benefits of flying a kite. However, the biggest joy is to see the jubilation on your children’s faces once the kite is in the air. It can keep them occupied for hours, motivates them to run around, and gives everyone a dose of fresh air. You can even make the kites at home to add another tier of enjoyable activity to your day.

Creative activities

Creativity activities are fantastic for encouraging your child’s intellectual growth and learning abilities. It is also very stimulating to create a piece of art. Here are some fun ways to explore your imagination and channel your creative side:

Raised salt painting

Raised salt painting can be far more interesting for the kids than just using watercolors. It is a simple activity using material readily available at home. You would need:

  • Table salt
  • Food colors or liquid watercolors
  • Liquid glue
  • Cardboard, card stock, or paper
  • Paper plate

Here is how you do it:

  • Mix different colors with small quantities of salt to create colored salt
  • Draw different shapes, pictures, or sceneries on your paper using the liquid glue
  • Pour the colored salt on the glue and allow it to dry
  • Shake the paper to remove the excess salt and reveal your drawing

Fair warning: this activity can get very messy, but a quick vacuuming should fix everything.

Make playdough

Homemade playdough is far better than the store-bought version since it is softer, cheaper, and customizable. It also lasts for months in a zip lock bag, and you can make it using a few pantry ingredients*:

  • 8 tablespoons plain flour
  • 2 tablespoons salt
  • 60 ml lukewarm water
  • Food colors
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil


  • Mix flour and salt in a bowl
  • Mix water, a few drops of food color, and oil in a separate bowl
  • Add the wet mixture into the dry mix and combine using a spoon
  • Knead the mixture to make a soft, pliable dough on a work surface dusted with flour
  • Store it in a zip lock bag, without any air, in the fridge

Involve the kids in the making process since it is easy and does not involve any dangerous kitchen utensils. Once the dough is done, use cookie cutters, rolling pins, and your imagination to create various stuff.

*Recipe courtesy of

Indoor activities

Parenting is hard, especially on days when you are stuck inside due to rain, cold, or Covid-19. Moreover, it is challenging to explain the effects of a pandemic to a kid. The dad-blog, Dadistry, recently posted a helpful blog outlining ways to answer your children’s questions about the current situation and help them get through the pandemic.

To keep them occupied and entertained, you can enjoy so many simple activities indoors. You can do puzzles, watch a movie together, or play board games and card games. You can also deviate from the usual indoor pastimes and indulge in some childish activities:

Hide and seek:

Playing hide and seek is so classic and so exciting. Your entire home can be your playing field, and you can get creative with your hiding spots. Even though it is a children’s game, there is no reason why you should miss the fun.

Make a blanket fort

Help your kids construct a cozy blanket fort big enough to fit the whole family. The best part about a blanket fort is that the fun does not stop once you have created your masterpiece. Even the simplest of activities like reading, playing card or board games, or making a puzzle is far more entertaining under a blanket fort.

Final words

Parenting is not necessarily just about disciplining your kids and teaching them how to grow up to be responsible adults. It involves connecting with them at an emotional and mental level. Family activities are a great way of bonding with your children and having fun while on the job.