Surprising Ways to Spoil Your Pregnant Partner

January 3, 2022
Pregnant Partner Gift

If you’re expecting an addition to your family, you’re surely aware of what your partner is going through. To make it a bit easier on them, you can consider surprising them with some gifts and thoughtful actions. Here are some interesting ideas to consider.

Show them more affection

For starters, a gift that will not cost you anything is showering them with affection. If your partner likes to be tended to and cuddled, set some time aside for bonding. Furthermore, it’s not uncommon for pregnant people to feel unattractive and be worried about their waistline and weight gain. Reassure them that nothing will change in the way you feel about them. There are no stretch marks in the world that could make you love them less. Plus, don’t avoid intimacy just because you’re scared you might hurt the baby.

Give them a massage

If your partner hasn’t complained about pain yet, you need to know that aches are very common throughout the pregnancy. A way that you could alleviate soreness and stiffness is by giving them a massage. Moreover, you can also get them a gift card for a prenatal massage or a full spa treatment.

Take on more chores

As they are under pressure during the pregnancy and sometimes even recommended bed rest, you want to take on more chores around the house. While you surely already do your fair share of cleaning and cooking, try to do just a bit more to make it easier for your partner. What is more, to make it easier for yourself, consider meal prep so that you cover a few days with one day of cooking. You can also order take-in from time to time.

Let them sleep

It takes a lot of energy to grow a whole new human. With that in mind, you want to allow your partner to get as much sleep as possible. If they want to sleep in on the weekends, let them. If you notice them dozing off during movie night, be extra careful not to wake them up. If they fall asleep during car rides, don’t nag.

Satisfy their cravings

You’ve surely heard that pregnancy causes all sorts of cravings. Many people that are expecting want to eat pickles, spicy food even though they didn’t like it before, ice cream with hot sauce, and undiluted lime juice, just to name a few things. If you see your partner reaching for something odd, don’t question it. If they ask you to run to the store and get something they’ve never eaten before, just do it. They’ll appreciate it tremendously.

Frame your first sonogram

While you can be there for your partner emotionally and physically, you can also get them some gifts that you will both cherish for the rest of your lives. With the holidays coming up, you might be looking for a Christmas present for your significant other. For example, as you’ve probably had a few sonograms done, you can frame the first one you ever got. That will make it easy to display in your bedroom or living room and you will surely feel a burst of joy every time you look at the little one that is soon to join you.

Get them a keepsake journal

If you want something sentimental that you will both be able to use to look back on this period of your life together, consider getting a keepsake journal. Here, you can document every single step of the pregnancy. From the first ultrasound to the first time you feel the baby kick, you can include everything in this journal, including your fears and hopes as well.

Find a mocktail subscription box

As your partner will have to forget about alcohol for a while, you can surprise them with a mocktail subscription box. While you can keep the mocktails flowing for a few months, this can also be a one-off purchase. This way, when you organize a party, your partner will not feel left out and they’ll have their own drinks to enjoy.

Buy them a pregnancy pillow

Lastly, as you will let your partner get enough sleep, you also want to ensure they are comfortable. With that in mind, invest in a pregnancy pillow. These are designed to help people that are expecting to get more restful sleep and you can easily find quality ones online.

If you want to support your partner during pregnancy, there are various ways to do so. Keep the above-listed ideas in mind.