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7 Effective Ways to Get Kids Do Household Chores

December 2, 2020
Get Kids Do Household Chores

The idea that kids needed to learn to do chores may seem reasonable. However, it has little practical application in a child’s life.

It is undeniable that teaching kids how to be responsible with their belongings can be a pain in the neck. But it doesn’t have to be.

That said, we have listed down seven practical ways you can encourage your child to do household chores:

1. Start them young

The key to getting your kids to do household chores is to start them young. And one way to do that is by asking them to do stuff that is suitable for their age.

For instance, it will not make sense to ask a toddler to help you with the laundry. But he can help you sort the whites from the colored clothes.

What’s cool about doing this is that you can insert fun lessons about color. It’s as simple as asking your toddler the color of the shirt he is holding.

By the time your son is in grade school, you can ask him to collect his laundry and sort it in the laundry area. You can also ask him to collect dirty clothes for his younger siblings if he has any.

As he grows older (and probably taller), you can ask him to help you with the laundry. So, when the time comes, he has an insight into how to wash his laundry correctly.

2. Set time limits

At Cleaning Exec House Cleaning NYC, we believe that time limits are an excellent way to make your child do his chores.

It can be as simple as saying that the dishes should be done in 20 minutes. Otherwise, it could mean less gadget time for your kid.

Setting time limits makes your child realize that every action has consequences. Hence, they will get things done as soon as possible if they want a full-hour of gadget time.

Moreover, you do not have to nag your kid about washing the dishes.

3. Let them have a choice

Bossiness is not encouraging for the kids. Letting them provide input is crucial in preserving their sense of self-reliance and self-assurance.

The key is not to use the governing language.

Instead of speaking to your kids about what they should do, use gentle approaches such as, “It would be extremely helpful if you…” or “Hey, look, it’s 5:00. Time to feed the dog.”

Provide your kids confidence by also saying, “In our family, kids make their beds because they look so pretty.” The more confident kids feel, the more motivated they will be to carry on tasks and achieve them from start to finish.

4. Work with them

In case you do not know, the common reason kids do not do their chores is because they do not know how. Thus, it would help if you work with them.

Instead of telling your kid to clean his toys, consider asking, “Do you want me to help you get your toys back?”

From there, you can lead by example. It is also a great way to spend more time with your child while imparting an excellent life lesson.

5. Use positive reinforcement

Paying a child for every house chore done is nothing new. However, parenting experts advise against it, especially if you have young kids.

That’s because household chores are about learning how to be responsible and acquiring a life skill.

Instead, opt for positive reinforcement. Pat your child on the back for a job well done or offer a reward aside from money.

For instance, make him or her a bowl of yummy cereal if they can make her bed upon waking up. By doing so, you are giving your kid a reason to make their bed without reminding them.

6. Create a reward system

Sure, giving a monetary reward for every chore done can be the last thing in your mind. But we cannot deny that a reward system is a great way to encourage your child to be responsible.

As mentioned earlier, a sumptuous breakfast can be rewarding enough for a kid who can make his bed. Meanwhile, a weekly allowance can be enough to encourage your child to take care of the lawn regularly.

It is just a matter of assigning age-appropriate tasks and figuring out an appropriate reward for a job well done.

7. Never use chores as punishment

Lastly, please refrain from using household chores as a punishment.

Sure, you mean well. But it can make your child dread any household chores. As a result, they may grow up untidy.

We suggest that you look for the best ways to discipline your child other than doing the house chores. Because, as mentioned earlier, such tasks are meant to teach responsibility and acquire a life skill.


Getting your kids to do household chores can be challenging, but it does not have to be. The key here is to start them young and give them age-appropriate tasks.

And in case they are unable to do their assigned house chores, you should not freak out. It is probably because they do not know how. Hence, it would be best to lead by example.

Lastly, you should use household chores as a punishment. Otherwise, you will raise an unruly and disorganized kid.